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To build an innovative and integrated world, we set out to change the way software development services work. We aim to become a technology partner for companies looking to drive innovation and disrupt their industries.

At Concise Software, we focus on technologies that offer agility, flexibility, and speed, over the years. We specialized in web and mobile application development, as well as blockchain and the Internet of Things to equip our clients with the expertise they need to win on the market and delight their customers. Explore this page to learn more about our development services, find the best match for your current business needs, and let our specialists help your company grow.

Benefits of teaming up with a software development agency

Access to top talent

Thanks to our strong brand in the IT market, we easily attract and source talented software developers and IT specialists for our clients. We nurture them by offering mentorship opportunities and opportunities for developing their professional. By partnering with a software development agency, you get access to top talent delivering best development services and can skip the time-consuming and expensive recruitment.


By partnering with a software development agency, you can save up a lot on avoiding the recruitment process, which involves attracting, sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding new team members. Instead, you will get specialists ready to start working on your project from day one. You will also avoid overhead costs like perks and benefits, administrative costs, workspace, hardware, and software licenses. All of that is the responsibility of your provider.

Time efficiencies

By outsourcing the process of building your solution, you avoid the trouble of candidate prospecting and selection or organizing numerous interviews with potential employees. Moreover, you don't have to spend any time on employee onboarding or accept the fact that it always takes time for an internal team to start collaborating efficiently. Moreover, in case something happens during an active project – like sick leave or sudden dismissal - you won't have to worry about having to quickly search for new employees. Your outsourcing partner will provide you with that.

Flexible set up

Our clients enjoy maximum flexibility when it comes to the setup of their teams. For example, if a new need arises or the client wishes to speed up the development process, we can easily add more resources to the team to provide you with needful development services. Once the solution is ready and only needs to be maintained, we can easily scale the team down to provide our clients with the exact resources they need at the moment.

High quality

Since competition in the tech industry is only growing, software development companies need to constantly improve their quality of development services in order to remain competitive. A high-quality provider consistently improves its technology stack, optimizes processes, and tries new methods and tools. Developing the same expertise in-house requires many years and significant resources. So why wait for it when you can get it from an agency?

Are you looking for a Software Development Agency?

Our development services

Building a web application opens the door to digital transformation and attracts new customer segments at a scale. But to deliver a successful web app, you need to carry out in-depth research into your target market and choose the best technology for your project. Hire our experienced web development teams to get access to the latest technologies on the market. Our many years of experience in delivering web development services allows us to build successful digital products that help businesses grow.

Power up your business with a dedicated mobile application that helps your employees to become more efficient or delights your customers with brand-new experiences. Transform your app idea into a secure and fully scalable application delivered to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Our mobile development teams know how to build successful mobile applications for Android and iOS systems. We also take advantage of cross-platform technologies to achieve a balance between performance and cost.

In the overcrowded digital market, even a product that delivers real value might not attract the users' attention. The look and feel of digital products are more important than ever, especially in the face of high competition. Our specialists can help you build a truly outstanding product that captivates your audiences and makes your app truly stand out. But an attractive look isn't everything. Our UX/UI designers also make sure that your application is accessible, usable, and user-friendly to deliver the best possible experience.

Are you looking to migrate your application to the cloud? Do you need expert consultation about your software architecture? Does your business require a new technology stack? We're here to help you make the most of your IT resources to gain new efficiencies that come with cloud migration. By taking advantage of our development services, you can modernize legacy applications and build cloud-native solutions that will set your business on the path to success.

Do you need some extra software developers in your project but don't want to spend a lot of time on recruitment and onboarding? Our team extension services are a great solution for you. We can provide you with talented and developers who have just the skills you need to accelerate your time-to-market. Take advantage of dedicated development teams or staff augmentation services to get your hands on the key talent you need to build your product.

Team up with Concise Software

At Concise Software, we offer high-quality development services. We want to provide our clients with impeccable custom software solutions that match their specific goals and contribute to their business growth.

To achieve this, we use a mix of innovative approaches and battle-tested solutions that accelerate the development process, make it more cost-effective, and help our clients get everything they need to offer a great experience to their customers or employees.

Flexible development process
Our teams usually base their workflow on the Scrum framework and build on the Agile methodology of software development. However, we are still flexible and can easily adjust to the unique processes of our clients’ internal teams and organization requirements.
We use many project management tools to keep our clients up-to-date about their projects’ progress. You don’t have to reach out to use – everything you’d like to know about work in progress is available to you. We also offer our clients access to the code repository and demonstrate the results of our work during regular demo sessions organized after every sprint.

Focus on high quality

We involve our Quality Assurance specialists and testers right from the project’s start. This is how we ensure that our team delivers excellent quality. Our activities include peer code review, automated testing, and test-driven development. This is how we write code that is clean and meets even the strictest industry standards.
Industry experience
Our team has built solutions for many sectors, ranging from automotive and finance to retail. We have worked on a broad spectrum of projects, starting with digital startup products to enterprise-grade applications. Building on this experience, we have gained the know-how and skills that allow us to build outstanding solutions for our clients today.

Industry verticals



We help financial services companies and fintech startups to develop and scale digital products that make a real impact on the sector. Our experts have delivered feature-rich applications that visualize data, offer innovative payment solutions, help customers manage finances better, and much more. Are you looking to build an online or mobile banking solution? Or perhaps your startup is taking its first steps in InsurTech? We’re here to help you create a reliable technology foundation for your business.

Automotive and mobility

Thanks to many years of experience in working with leaders in the automotive and mobility sector, we have perfected our skills in software development for this particular industry. We help our clients build the most cutting-edge automotive applications and robust software that accelerates their digital transformation journey. Are you looking to develop an automotive software solution that takes advantage of the most innovative approaches such as AI and machine learning, data analytics and big data, DevOps, and cloud computing? We’re your go-to team of experts that support global automotive brands.

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Are you looking to build a HealthTech app that delivers a great customer experience and generates business value? Our team is experienced in building digital applications that lead to significant cost reductions, streamline administrative management, and generate better patient outcomes. Our clients take advantage of custom web and mobile applications to increase their operational efficiency, access data analytics insights and deliver better care to their patients. Build a fully secure and user-friendly solution for the healthcare industry with our help.


If you’re looking for an experienced team of developers who have the skills and know-how to build a greentech solution, you’re in the right place. We have been supporting startups and enterprises in developing solutions for this sector for more than a decade. Thanks to the experience we acquired during multiple projects, today, our experts have in-depth knowledge of various technologies that contribute to building modern sustainability solutions. We use innovative technologies to develop transparent, scalable, and fully secure cleantech solutions that build a better future for us all.

Concise Software greentech food agriculture

Consumer electronics solutions

We’re an experienced team that knows how to build consumer electronic products with innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things. Get in touch with us to build a product based on smart sensors that can transmit data, communicate with each other, and take your business to the next level. We can help your company kick-off projects that were stalled or unsuccessful or deliver research and development services to improve your offering. Are you looking to transform an existing device into an Internet of Things solution? We’re the right experts for the job.

Real estate

The real estate sector uses technology to engage customers, provide attractive experiences, and streamline their operations with real estate management solutions. If you’re looking to build a CRM system, a building management solution, or a Robotic Process Automation tool for real estate, we’re here to help you. Our experts build software that bridges the gap between real estate businesses and customers, enabling our clients to successfully compete in the real estate market.

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Enterprise software development

Accelerate your digital transformation and achieve your business objectives with us. Our team of seasoned software developers is ready to build your enterprise solution. We have many years of experience in supporting enterprises in their digital transformation activities and know-how to build applications that automate processes, transform ways of doing business, enhance operational agility, and promote business growth. By teaming up with us, you will get a reliable and scalable solution that perfectly fits the unique needs of large enterprises.

Blockchain development

We help cutting-edge businesses to implement blockchain or smart contracts. Our experts develop automated decentralized applications (dApps) that our clients use to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and exchanges on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain or decentralized databases. We strongly believe that blockchain technology will disrupt many industries. We want to be part of this process and help our clients harness its potential, thanks to our blockchain expertise. Get a dedicated team that will build, implement, and maintain your blockchain solution to help you make a mark in your industry.

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What to expect during our collaboration?

How to leverage our software development services?

Let’s check our step by step process.

Step 1: Pre-kickoff email

We always begin a new collaboration by sending our clients an email that contains all the critical project information and guidelines. This helps us to kick the project off quickly and set it on the right track from day one.

Step 2: Weekly status call

These calls are attended by either the team leader or the entire team. The objective here is to review the project’s progress so far and set the key goals and priorities for the following week. Thanks to the weekly status call, our clients are up-to-date about the work going on in their projects, and our teams have an easier time dealing with potential changes.

Step 3: Documentation and resources

We use Confluence to store all the resources, documentation, and other important information related to the project. This digital space works as a single source of truth for our teams. It also helps to keep all the project stakeholders on the same page, which is critical for successful software development.

Step 4: Reliable project management platform

We use Jira to organize our work during projects. Our teams categorize tasks by sprints, store all the task-related information, and prioritize tasks in Jira. We offer our clients access to it as well. This is how they get informed about the current project’s workflow, tasks residing in the backlog, and information about the progress of individual tasks.

Step 5: Easy communication

We use Slack for our daily communication and invite our clients to dedicated private channels created just for their project. You can use Slack to easily communicate with our development team and other specialists engaged in your project. It a great solution for asking questions or sending quick feedback. 

Step 6: Regular reporting

We deliver a monthly business report together with the invoice to make sure our collaboration is transparent. Moreover, we produce a technical report once per sprint to keep our clients updated about both sides of the project. This type of transparency is essential for delivering successful software.

Get experienced developers for your project and take advantage of our software development services.


Any questions about our software development services? 

Let’s check our FAQ or feel free to contact us!

1. What is custom software development?

Software development is the process of building tailor-made software from the ground up. The primary benefit of this type of software is that it’s designed to specifically match your business. Contrary to off-the-shelf software – which is available to any company for purchase – custom software is developed to address the particular needs of your organization. 


When investing in customer software, you don’t risk getting a solution that doesn’t reflect your processes or includes many features that you don’t actually need. Indeed, you get a high-quality solution that matches your processes perfectly, supports your employees in their daily tasks, and delights your customers.

2. Do I need custom software for my business?

Software can play a critical part in business development, especially today when so many manual and repetitive tasks can be automated. In fact, making a case for automation is easier than ever. By building custom software, you can integrate all the major aspects of your business processes into one solution. It can serve as a single source of truth or an integral part of your business operations.


As a result, custom software helps your employees to become more productive or solve the most pressing problems of your customers. With our help, you will build custom software that offers an excellent return for investment – saving time, reducing risk, and building a solid foundation for your business.

3. How much does custom software development cost?

Building custom software is definitely less expensive in the long run if you compare it with maintaining a license for out-of-the-box solutions (that might not even match your processes and have to be configured!).


Software development that addresses the unique needs of your business is a key asset today. Several factors influence the cost of building tailored software for your business:

  • the number and complexity of features,
  • the kind of technologies used to deliver your application,
  • its performance and scalability,
  • the timeframe and budget in which you want to build your solution.
4. What is your software development process?

Our teams usually follow the Scrum framework and use the Agile methodology of software development. However, we can always adjust our process to the unique needs of our clients -especially if we collaborate with internal teams. Here’s a short overview of the key steps of our process to help you understand how we approach building software.


Gathering requirements

Once you reach out to us and tell us more about your idea, we usually get back to you with some initial feedback about your app and answers to your questions if you asked any. If you already have a specification for your project, we will ask you to share it with us.


But this is only the beginning. Our next step is arranging a face-to-face meeting to discuss your project further. This is the best way to brainstorm a new app idea and understand each other’s expectations early on. We can arrange a meeting on any videoconferencing tool you use if an in-person meeting isn’t possible.


Expert consultation and workshop

To gain a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, we will arrange a meeting with our expert, who will ask you some critical questions during the meeting. Note that you will be talking to someone with a lot of technical know-how and experience in building software solutions. That’s why they will be able to answer more technical questions than a typical business consultant.


If you have any wireframes, product specifications, UX/UI designs, or any other materials, we will ask you to share them before the meeting.


Project estimation

The next step is about providing a thorough estimate of the cost and time required to bring your idea to life. We can do that once we have all the key information about the project. Our estimate lists every feature separately together with the approximate number of hours it will take us to create it. We then multiply the number of work hours required to get the final result by our hourly rates.


We usually prepare more than one version of the estimate. If you get any extra versions, they will be showing your project with extra features that we thought you might want to include in your application. The estimation is free of charge.


UX design

If you agree to work with us, we will begin by creating wireframes for your solution and prepare its UX design. Thanks to these wireframes, we can identify and fix any product concept issues before starting the development. During this process, we will work closely with you – and once you accept the final wireframes, move onto the next step, which is UI design.


UI design

Once we understand the flow of your application, it’s time to reflect it in the user interface design. We will ask our skilled designers to get down to work. They will take into account suggestions from UX designers, your project requirements, and their experience with similar projects. Once you approve the general style, our designers will build a template for your app’s initial screens.



This is where our software developers come in and start writing code. We usually split projects into phases that last around two weeks. After each iteration, we present our work to you during a demo session so that you can click through it and give us your feedback. If your expectations are met, we will send you an invoice and continue our work with the next to enter iteration.


We will share up-to-date code with you at all times, including both unit and integration testing. We will also deliver business and technical reports to keep you up-to-date about both sides of your project. If you have any questions or would like to add any more changes, we can implement them before sending you the final bill.

5. How to choose a custom software development company?
  • Focus on specialization – Hire a software development team that specializes in your target technologies. For example, if you’re looking to build a solution based on blockchain, it’s best to team up with a company that specializes in blockchain development. If you decide to work with a large company that lists blockchain is one of its many specializations, you risk that your project doesn’t receive enough attention or benefit from top talent.
  • Learn more about the provider – Ask for references from both past and current clients. Check the reviews published on sites like Clutch or the manifest. This will help you understand how the collaboration went and whether they were successful.
  • Verify industry experience – Next, check whether the company has ever delivered a similar type of application or worked with a company that is that operates in the same industry. This type of domain knowledge and know-how will come in handy when building your solution. The case study section of the website should give you an indication of that.
  • Pick the right geographical location – If you’re planning to outsource software development, it’s best to choose a company experienced in working with businesses from your geographical area. This is especially important if you’re looking for an offshoring service with the software development team located far away and in different time zone. Make sure that the company has tools and processes in place to deal with the time zone difference and location.
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