Mobile App Development

Give your business a boost by building a dedicated mobile application that delights your customers and helps your staff to be more efficient.
mobile app development
We have delivered mobile apps for sectors ranging from financial services and retail to automotive and government. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in mobile app development, our team can assist you in the most demanding mobile app development projects.

Transform your idea into a scalable and fully secure application delivered on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. We know what it takes to build a successful mobile application for Android and iOS or take advantage of cross-platform mobile development technologies to achieve a balance between performance and cost. Are you looking for a team of seasoned developers to build a mobile app for your business?

Why does your business need a mobile app?

Personalized marketing and support

A mobile application helps to increase customer engagement by allowing you to reach a larger customer base and expand to new markets easily. Mobile apps allow brands to deliver personalized offers to customers straight into their mobile devices through in-app pop-ups and push notifications. Push notifications are known to be the most productive way of communicating your offer to the right people at the right time.

Improve customer loyalty

Running a successful business today means delivering a meaningful experience for your customers. The more you care about your customers' requirements, needs, preferences, the higher will be your chances of success. A mobile app can be one of those things that guarantee success. One of the best ways to use a mobile application is to run a loyalty program that allows more consumers to engage with your brand, gain rewards, increase their engagement, and even become your brand ambassadors.

Increase customer engagement

More customers look forward to connecting with their favorite businesses online. It's no longer the question of a face-to-face meeting between a sales representative and a consumer. By building a mobile app, you will be offering your customers a greater choice of point of contact and providing them with a robust mobile presence that gives them the best experience and helps to decide which product or service matches their unique needs.

Deliver outstanding support

A mobile app also ensures 24/7 visibility to potential and current customers, includes easy payment options for in-app purchase purchases, and delivers support services thanks to instant messaging options – for example, through AI-powered chatbots. A mobile app provides a place for your customers to connect with your brand and with each other through reviews and comments.

Benefit from rich analytics

Modern mobile applications come equipped with a rich array of data analytics features. They allow capturing data about customers and analyze their behaviors and preferences to help you gain a better insight into your target audience. Your business can then use this data to inform other marketing activities, your sales approach, and even for optimizing your product offering.

Team up with Concise Software

Our mobile development teams have many years of experience in using different technologies to deliver various mobile applications.


We use both innovative approaches and battle-tested solutions to speed up the development process, make it more cost-effective, and verify that your mobile application had everything it needs to offer a great experience to the end-users.

Flexible development process
Our usual workflow is based on the Scrum framework and builds on the Agile methodology of software development. However, our teams remain flexible and can easily adjust to the unique processes of your internal teams or the organization in general.
Full transparency
Thanks to our project management and collaboration tools, our clients can stay up to date about their project’s progress without having to reach out to us every time they want to know how the work is going. We also offer access to the code repository and demonstrate the results of our work during regular demo sessions organized after each sprint.
Focus on high quality
We always bring in our Quality Assurance specialists and testers to projects right from their beginning. This is how we make sure that our team delivers a digital product of optimal quality. Our activities include test-driven development, peer code review, and automated testing. This is how we create code that is clean and meets key industry standards.
Industry experience
We have created mobile applications for many sectors, such as finance, automotive, transportation, and retail. Our teams have worked on a broad range of projects spanning from startup mobile apps to enterprise-grade applications delivered to mobile devices. Building on this experience, we have the know-how and skills to develop mobile applications that bring tangible business results.

Our Mobile App Development Services

iOS app development

The popularity of Apple devices made iOS a key choice for businesses looking to engage their customers in a mobile application. The iOS operating system was developed by Apple for its mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Our teams have developed many iOS mobile applications using native APIs, application frameworks, and technologies such as Objective-C and Swift. We deliver back-end services and front-end applications to provide our clients with products matching the recent trends on the iOS mobile market. We also deliver consulting services on mobile technologies to help you check whether concentrating on iOS development is a smart idea for your business.

Android app development

Android is an open-source technology that has gained a lot of popularity. The operating system is integrated into many different devices built by a great number of manufacturers. We have more than a decade of experience in delivering Android applications to companies operating across various industries. Thanks to our strong focus on usability and UX design, our apps offer outstanding performance and integration with other software solutions our clients use to provide a seamless experience to end-users. Our teams implement custom solutions for the Android system and take advantage of its rich ecosystem to speed up the development process.

Cross-platform app development

We take advantage of cross-platform technologies to achieve a balance between cost and performance. By engaging our development team, you can build an app that works smoothly on the leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. That way, your digital product becomes accessible to customers using various platforms, allowing you to reach a larger target audience and engage more customers with your offering.

Mobile strategy and consulting

Our team consists of tech experts and business analysts who can advise you on mobile technology choices, develop a mobile adoption strategy and roadmap for your business, and ensure that your mobile application meets the unique requirements and objectives of your company. Our mobile strategy and consulting services are a great fit for businesses taking their first step into the mobile world.

Mobile testing

We make sure to involve Quality Assurance specialists at the beginning of every project. Using techniques such as peer code review, test-driven development, and automated testing, our testers make sure that we deliver high-quality applications that meet even the strictest industry demands. Does your app need some extra testing, and you can't assure the right coverage using your internal resources? Our seasoned testers are here to help you deliver a bug-free and high-performing mobile app.

UX/UI design

If you'd like to build a mobile application that becomes successful and captivates the attention of the custom of your customers, you need to invest in creating an attractive look and feel. Our UX and UI designers are well-versed in the most recent design trends and can give your app to design at needs to succeed. But the look is just the tip of the iceberg. Our designers also make sure that a mobile app is accessible, usable, and offers an excellent user experience.

What to expect during our collaboration?

How are we developing mobile apps?

Let’s check our step by step process.

Step 1: Pre-kickoff email

We always start a new collaboration by sending our clients a message with all the crucial project information and guidelines. This helps us start the project quickly and set it on the right path from the start. 

Step 2: Weekly status calls

These weekly calls are attended by the entire team or just the team leader. Their objective is to review the project’s progress and set the goals and priorities for the following week. This keeps you up to date with the work in the project and helps us deal with any potential changes that need to be applied to your mobile application.

Step 3: Documentation and resources

We use Confluence to store all the key resources, documentation, and other important information related to the project. This space serves as a single source of truth for our team and helps to keep all the project stakeholders – including our clients – on the same page.

Step 4: Project management platform

Our teams use Jira to categorize tasks by sprints, store task-related information, and prioritize tasks. We give our clients access to Jira to keep them informed about the current project’s workflow, the tasks in the backlog, and information about individual tasks.

Step 5: Smooth communication

We use Slack for our daily communication and invite our clients to a dedicated private channel created just for their project. You can use Slack to easily communicate with our development team and other specialists. This is a perfect tool for asking questions or sending your quick feedback.

Step 6: Regular reporting

We deliver a business report once a month and a technical report once per sprint to keep you updated about both sides of the project. We believe that full transparency is a key requirement for delivering a successful mobile app development project.

Are you looking for seasoned software developers who know how to build amazing mobile applications?


Any questions about mobile app development?

Let’s check our FAQ or feel free to contact us!

1. What is a mobile application?

Today, consumers use their smartphones 58 times a day. During the last decade, the number of smartphones in use exceeded 3.5 billion.


Every year, consumers spend millions of dollars on purchasing new mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. It’s simple – smartphones simplify their life. Consumers use them to communicate with family and colleagues, buy products and services, or become more productive in their daily work.


Mobile devices offer businesses a wide range of benefits such as new opportunities for advertising, branding, engaging their target audience, and even getting in-depth data analytics about customers. That’s why they invest in mobile applications.


A mobile application is an application designed and developed with mobile devices in mind. Most of the time, this means smartphones and tablets – although the wearables market is growing fast as well.


Note that a mobile application can also work in non-mobile environments. For example, by using cross-platform or hybrid app development technology, you can build an application that works both in mobile and web contexts.

2. What are the types of mobile applications?

Business applications

Organizations develop multipurpose business mobile apps depending on their area of activity. They usually appreciate universal and specialized features that help to easily manage the business, optimize work processes, collaborate, and perform a wide range of activities, including:

  • Sorting, storing and transferring data,
  • Planning and scheduling tasks,
  • Operating on office documents,
  • Providing information support of laws, taxes, and other,
  • Managing accounts and personnel,
  • Aggregating business information.


Marketing applications

Another area where mobile applications serve a key role is business marketing. Any company that has partners and clients will need this type of app. Marketing apps help to:

  • Advertise new products,
  • Work with social networks,
  • Collect statistics and carry out analytics,
  • Processes images and videos,
  • Fill communities with content,
  • Track brand monitoring,
  • Send newsletters using messaging apps or other communication channels.

Personal use apps

If an app solves the problem and has features that are useful and necessary for people, it’s bound to become successful. A business looking to assist its customers in their personal life can go for the following types of apps:

  • Educational apps (applications for learning languages or mastering new skills),
  • Personality and psychological apps and tests,
  • Motivation apps,
  • Dietary and sports apps,
  • Personal finance management apps,
  • Home accounting solutions,
  • Shopping and task planners.
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