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Are you building an application for your business? Then you need an eye-catching and engaging web design to stand out from the crowd.
At Concise Software, we have delivered apps for companies operating across various industries. We know what it takes to design an attractive and functional app that comes with a clear visual hierarchy and smooth navigation. 

Our skilled and talented web designers have many years of experience in building captivating user interfaces that don’t district end-users from the key conversion point of both web and mobile applications.

Why invest in web design?

When developing a digital product, it’s essential to consider both its functionality and look. These two elements are bound together in areas such as user experience (UX), usability, and user interface design (UI design). Here’s why web design is worth your time and money.

First impressions matter

When users visit your website or app for the first time, it will instantly give them an impression of your business. Consumers are well-versed in judging businesses by the digital products they create. If your application looks outdated or unprofessional, it will lose users and create a negative image of your company. Quality web design helps to avoid this risk

A boost to your SEO strategy

Web design elements and practices have an impact on how you publish content on your website. This influences the ease of indexing your site by search engines. If you invest in poor web design, you'll see poor SEO results that will shape your visibility right from the start. Without proper web design, you won't be able to win new customers

Deliver top functionality

Digital products that succeed in the market deliver tangible value to their users. Web design alone isn't going to make your app popular, but it's a key element in the puzzle. Professional web designers know how to build eye-catching websites and web apps that offer an outstanding user experience through their functionality

Good design builds trust

People don't trust poorly designed digital products. If you're expecting to convert users into paying customers, you need to convince them that your business is legitimate, and your products are of high quality. This is impossible without hiring expert web designers able to create a modern and welcoming design for your site

Catch up with your competitors

You can be sure that your closest competitors are looking into all the different ways to differentiate themselves on the market. Nothing helps a business stand out like great web design. A well-designed website or web application will always outperform a poorly-designed one

Build a strong brand

To attract leads through your website or app, you need to create a solid brand strategy - and then make sure that your web design reflects that. High-quality web design creates a consistent look across all of your resources, helping your audience to become familiar with your brand and build a relationship with you

Are you looking for a Web Development Company?

Team up with Concise Software

As a software development agency, we have built web applications for a great variety of companies. Our web designers have the skills and expertise to solve the most challenging design problems and develop interfaces for innovative applications that complement our cutting-edge technologies.


Partner with us to build an eye-catching web application that attracts more customers and helps your business grow.

Solid process

Our development process is powered by industry best practices and proven approaches such as the Scrum framework. Thanks to regular project updates, live demos, and useful communication tools, we will keep you up to date and seamlessly develop your project

Robust infrastructure

As a software development agency, we offer frontend and backend development services, build web applications, and deliver DevOps expertise that boosts the quality of our apps. Our web designers are aware of industry best practices and can smoothly collaborate with a development team

Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing and Quality Assurance are both important parts of a development project. We carry out both manual and automated tests with the help of various battle-tested tools. This is how we create bug-free web applications that bring an impeccable design to your customers

Experienced teams

Our web designers took part in dozens of successfully delivered projects for companies operating in sectors such as finance, automotive, and retail. Our excellent track record lists products ranging from enterprise-grade applications to startup products

Our services

Backend development

Are you looking for seasoned backend engineers who know how to create secure and scalable apps? You're in the right place. We have developed and shipped development projects for many different industries with high demands regarding app performance

Frontend Development

If you need a team of experts to build a beautiful and functional user interface for your app, we've got you covered. Our talented frontend developers know how to build applications that deliver an unforgettable experience to the users of your products and help your business win on the market

Web App Development

We can help you to design, develop, and implement a new web application in a fast and seamless process. Thanks to a wide range of talented professionals on board, we can support your business at every stage of your app's lifecycle, from gathering requirements to app maintenance and growth

Hire web design experts

Find the professionals your project needs. Here are the people who could provide tangible business value to your project

UI Designer

Our UI designers create captivating user interfaces. They adjust the visuals of your project to your unique business needs. They know how to translate complex solutions into user-friendly interfaces that build a smooth user journey

UX Designer

UX designers are responsible for ensuring that all of the visual and interactive aspects of your app are easy to understand and use. Great UX improves conversion and streamlines the user journey in your web app

Frontend developer

The frontend of an application is what users see and interact with. Our frontend developers have the skills and talent to deliver responsive, flexible, and user-friendly apps in cooperation with the web designers and backend developers

Hire a team of talented web designers for your project

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