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React.js is one of the most widespread tools for frontend development, which is used by teams all over the world to build attractive user interfaces for web apps. The component-based architecture of React allows developers to reuse plenty of code and create component libraries to save time and money during web development projects.

Thanks to our experience in developing React apps for companies operating across various industries, we know how to get the best results when using this powerful technology. Our React developers have plenty of hands-on experience and can help you build even the most demanding web app

What is React.js?

React.js is a JavaScript library that helps developers to build user interfaces faster. Developers use this handy tool to build both UI components and entire UIs. React is an excellent frontend development technology that helps in putting together visual elements, connecting data to those elements, and determining the logic that governs these connections. 

Some of the biggest and most successful companies are using React.js to build the frontend of their web applications. You will find React in the technology stack of apps such as: Sharing economy tools (Airbnb, Lyft, Uber), Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter), Video streaming platforms (Netflix), Entertainment and media websites (Yahoo!), Software-as-a-Service tools (Asana, InVisionApp, Zapier)

Benefits of React.js

Native-like experience

React helps build beautiful user interfaces that are responsive and highly interactive. That's why it's such a great pick for projects that need to be mobile-friendly and offer a great experience to users on mobile devices

Large ecosystem of tools

React is surrounded by massive and diverse tools that work for different use cases. Developers can use React to build anything from small web applications to large enterprise-scale systems or customer-facing apps that process large amounts of data


The modularity of React makes it a perfect choice for apps that need to be scalable. For example, teams can easily bootstrap a product with minimal resources but also use React to build large Single Page Applications such as Facebook


React allows developers to stay up-to-date with the latest stable version of the tool without having to rewrite their codebase. This makes the development process much faster and allows teams to focus on more mission-critical tasks


Developers can render React server-side by using another powerful tool in the JavaScript family, Node.js. And if you'd like to build a mobile app for Android or iOS, you can use the handy features of React Native

Vibrant community

According to software developers, React is one of the most loved and wanted frameworks in the tech industry today. That's why finding a React specialist is easier, and you can choose from a large talent pool

Industry trust

The most successful digital products, such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Netflix have React as part of their technology stack. If they trust it, other businesses can use React with peace of mind that it doesn't become obsolete anytime soon

Support from a tech-giant

React is supported and maintained by Facebook. The company actually initially created React for their own purposes, but then decided to publish it so that it benefits other development teams. Most of Facebook's web and mobile apps were built using React

Building React.js applications

Dashboards and data visualization tools

Dashboards come in handy for visualizing key data findings in a form that is easy to understand for business end-users. React.js allows developers to build tools that visualize data using sophisticated algorithms to match the Business Intelligence needs of companies. It offers teams special features such as virtual DOM or component reusability that help in building data dashboards

Messaging apps

Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp that are available on mobile and web platforms are another example of potential React implementations. A React app allows us to maintain two-way communication between the client and the server easily and can process lots of data to help the team build a messaging app that doesn't lag

Social networks

Since many social networking applications are built as Single Page Applications (SPAs), many teams use React.js to create them. React provides fast development, allowing developers to dedicate more time to add new features instead of making sense of the app's structure. Many teams choose the combo of React and Redux for building social networking apps that offer an impeccable user experience

E-commerce apps

E-commerce applications involve different APIs, complex filters, and many elements that need to be independent of each other. React is a great tool for implementing such features because it allows teams to build components that are easy to scale. It also offers a convenient way to store an app state

Enterprise web apps

The component-based architecture of React.js also helps teams to solve problems that crop up in legacy technology stacks. React.js is a great choice for enterprise app development since it's possible to divide the app into smaller reusable UI elements. React's stability is a key factor as well

Cross-platform mobile apps

Thanks to React Native, developers can build functional and attractive mobile apps. Teams can take advantage of the same architecture and methodology they developed for a web app to realize a mobile app. A React Native mobile app performs just like a native app built for iOS and Android

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Our services

React development

With many years of experience on our back, our React developers know the ins and outs of this versatile technology. We use React to create interactive UIs, smoothly update components, build new features without rewriting the existing code, and handle SEO efficiently thanks to server-side rendering

SPA development

Our team builds Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with the help of React because it provides flawless performance thanks to the virtual representation of the DOM. Easy testing and excellent support for server-side rendering are another two reasons why we choose React to be part of our technology stack

Migration to React

Our team can help you carry out a smooth migration from any JavaScript platform to React. Contrary to other frameworks, React combines flexibility with a great composition model and capability to pass rich data. It also allows us to avoid the burden of rewriting the existing code

React support and maintenance

If you already have a React app and are looking for an expert to upgrade it, we've got you covered. Our team provides maintenance, support, and React to consulting services using years of experience gathered throughout projects. We provide support services after the first release of your React app as well

Team up with Concise Software

Our React developers have plenty of experience in using this powerful technology to build a wide range of applications for companies across various sectors. We know how to make the most of React’s features to speed up the process of building your app, make it cost-effective, and ensure that your product has everything it needs to provide a fantastic user experience
Proven development process

We use Scrum in our regular workflows, but we are always ready to adjust our process to meet your business needs and development flow. Our developers know how to be flexible and collaborate with other teams

Transparent communication

Thanks to project management and collaboration tools, you will stay up to date about your project at all times. You will see the results of our work during regular demo sessions and get access to the code repository


We delivered multiple React development projects to organizations across different sectors. Our teams know how to build successful digital products, be it an enterprise-grade application or a startup app

Top quality

Our Quality Assurance services include automated testing, test-driven development, and peer code review. All of these elements are key to our development process. That's how our teams deliver clean code that meets industry standards

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