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Software is an extremely powerful tool of our time. It drives today’s business, makes our daily lives easier, and allows people around the world to connect. Building an integrated world is our motto, which motivates our team to solve complex IT challenges every day, invariably since 2011.

Although today we are a global company with great brands in our portfolio, our heart still beats in Rzeszow, where the Concise Software history started. This history makes us know that in today’s integrated world there are plenty of opportunities that you can reach for – no matter where you are. Today, Concise Software is a team of skilled experts: engineers, programmers, managers, and designers located all over the world, who share a passion for creating new and unique solutions, discovering the hidden future potential around, as well as sports, music, photography, art, and space.

Now is the magical time to join our team. We are still small enough so that everyone can have an impact on the team and organization, yet big enough to work on innovative projects for brands like RedBull, Porsche, Visa, and many more.



Private health insurance
Bonus system - MyBenefit
Flexible forms of employment
Paid days off
Growth & training budget
Flexible working hours
English lessons
No dress code
Ability to work remotely
Referral program
Financing certificates
Chill zone in the office
Company library and e-learning database
Integration events and meetings
Soft skills and leadership development
Paid days off for trainings
Internal workshops
Support in building a personal brand
Welcome gift
Online integration
Rocket Team support 🙂
Peace of mind and great atmosphere
Team lunches in the office


Our team has always prided itself on being very close-knit and we treat each other at Concise Software like one big family. Daily office life has played a big part in this. Health and safety are some of our highest values, which is why we decided at the very beginning of the pandemic to work completely remotely, providing our team with all the facilities they needed.

We currently offer work in three models: total remote work, hybrid model work, and in-office work. The choice of model is entirely up to our employees. While we appreciate the energy and creativity that being in the office can bring, we also respect the choices and desire of our team to work remotely.


To nurture team spirit, we cultivate initiatives such as:


A space during team calls via Google Meet where we have time to integrate, have casual conversations and nurture interpersonal relationships within the team.


Dedicated especially to people working full time remotely, so we can get to know each other better, integrate and spend the end of the week in a creative way.


In-person trips or meetings, during which we integrate while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere (usually in charming places)


Which fosters in our team an openness to appreciate the work, commitment and attitude of teammates.



Never stop learning and take up new challenges. Lessons could come from success or failure as well and we are open for that


We share what we know. We take pride in opportunities to share our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions


We are building the CS Rocket Team together. Everyone in our team has an equal role in this process. We ask for help and share our opinions


We trust each other and are willing to take the initiative. We are open to change and respect all opinions and views


We know how important it is to relax and clear your mind, no one will bother you after work


Our team is open for everyone who shares our values. Diversity makes our team even better


Our team includes employee-led groups that support a diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as the development of interests and work-life balance. As a member of our team, you can join:


As eagerly as we are interested in, we also share practical knowledge in the field of our competencies. Therefore, in our team, we organize, among others Agile workshops (Agile Labs), research and development groups on the blockchain, Flutter, or other programming-related topics.


A photo group is a place for every photography enthusiast in our team. Regardless of whether you take photos with a smartphone or a super SLR – everyone will find a space for themselves to develop their skills under the supervision of experienced teammates.


Here, we share the successes of our sports, motivate each other to train, look for a sports company and share useful tips and hints.


We also have a blog where we write about our company, inspirations, technical approach, trends, business success, and highlight stories from our community. You will also find plenty of articles prepared by our engineers and project managers, in which they share their knowledge and experience. Check it out →


The Concise Software team has always been eager to support student and nonprofit organizations and support charitable collections. We do this through financial support, content support, and support in organizing local initiatives and hackathons. We have supported, among others:

  • Rzeszow University of Technology Student Government
  • Faculty of Management at Rzeszow University of Technology
  • Faculty of Electromechanics and Informatics of Rzeszów University of Technology
  • PRz Racing Team
  • GDG Rzeszów
  • Women Techmakers Rzeszów
  • Space Wars Hackathon
  • Szlachetna Paczka
  • Rzeszów Hospice for Children

The Concise Software community is always open to supporting pro bono work.


Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below for answers to most asked questions or contact our HR Department:

Are we planning to return to an in-person culture?

Our team has always prided itself on being very close-knit and we treat each other at Concise Software like one big family. Daily office life has played a big part in this. Health and safety are some of our highest values, which is why we decided at the very beginning of the pandemic to work completely remotely, providing our team with all the facilities they needed.

We are constantly cultivating an in-person culture. Some of our staff work from the office in either a stationary or hybrid mode (depending on individual preference). We also practice team-building meetings (while respecting the current pandemic situation) and an initiative called “Informal Fridays” in the office, where we invite our team to integrate together.

While Concise Software supports and encourages the team to cultivate an in-person culture, we also understand our employees’ choices to work remotely and respect them completely.

When is the CS team planning to be back in office?

We currently offer work in three models: total remote work, hybrid model work, and in-office work. The choice of model is entirely up to our employees. While we appreciate the energy and creativity that being in the office can bring, we also respect the choices and desire of our team to work remotely.

How do you prepare for a job interview?

As you probably know, both your skills and your personality count in our industry. Our team consists of open-minded people willing to help and share knowledge. We value a good atmosphere, we can play as a team and we are looking for people who share these values. If you decide to apply to us, here are some helpful tips to help you get ready for your appointment!

  1. prepare your CV – build your image as an experienced technology specialist but also as a valuable candidate in terms of your personality
  2. portfolio on Github – if you have 🙂 The portfolio will show us what level of practical skills you have.

Surely we will have something to talk about if you get to know a little bit about our company e.g. from the website, what kind of projects we realize, what kind of clients we have and what values we are guided by

What does the recruitment process look like?
STEP #1 

You can apply through our website “Join us” or answer our job offers on the Internet and social media. We will ask you for your cv and portfolio by email 


Our Recruitment Team will analyze the submitted documents and contact you.



Our first meeting with Sylwia or Gabriela from our Recruitment Team will be conducted online (e.g. via Google Meet) or at the company’s headquarters (if you live nearby and prefer that form).


Brief meeting agenda: 

  • expectations of both parties regarding cooperation,
  • candidate’s availability,
  • a brief chat about our current projects, challenges, team
  • characteristics of the position
  • candidate’s experience 


After a positive first step, you will be invited to a technical interview conducted by a Team Leader or a senior member of the team you want to join. Here you will definitely be asked questions related to your current level of knowledge or learning potential. The technical interview is usually more practical. You may be asked about, for example:

  • “live” coding
  • Verification of the code provided
  • perform a specific task yourself

If you wonder how to prepare for an interview in this form, of course – practice, practice, and practice again 🙂



The last step is a telephone contact with a person from our HR department – details of the cooperation are established then an e-mail with a final offer is sent. After its acceptance by the candidate, the documents for employment are sent.

Are you hiring remote contractors?

Sure! 🙂 Since March 2020 our team is working mostly remotely. Any team member can choose from three forms of work:

  • remote mode 
  • hybrid mode 
  • in-office mode 

Currently, 90% of our team works remotely. You can learn more about our remote working approach on this page in the section “Our approach to remote working”.

Do you cover relocation costs?

Due to the possibility of remote work we do not require our employees to relocate.