Our expertise

At Concise Software, we deliver software solutions with businesses operating in many different industries, from healthcare and automotive to retail and financial services. During these collaborations, we learned the ins and outs of these sectors and the key technology trends driving their digital transformation. Equipped with this knowledge, our teams have the skills and know-how to build successful products for various industries.
Hire a team of experts to see how your company could benefit from innovative technologies.

Industry verticals

Fintech software development

We help financial services organizations and fintech startups to develop and scale digital products that have the potential to disrupt the sector. Our team builds functional applications that bring tangible value to our clients, ranging from personal finance management and investment apps to online and mobile banking, payments, and InsurTech.

Case study: A unified payments platform for a US-based company

We helped our client to build an application that offers a secure and simple method for implementing a single payment solution for e-commerce applications. The software we were tasked to build included features such as coupons, gifts, receipts, and other value-added services. The core of the payment platform was a digital value manager that assisted retailers in bringing together multiple third-party providers and translating various forms of digital value into unified currency.  

Automotive software development

We have an excellent track record of collaborations with the leaders of the automotive industry. These projects allowed us to acquire experience in automotive and mobility technologies. Today, our specialists provide expert software engineering services to implement new automotive technologies and develop robust software to speed up digital transformation journeys. Our team knows how to deliver functional, secure, and modern software solutions using the most recent approaches and technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and Big Data.

Case study: A mobile application for urban mobility

The German car-sharing company Oply builds intelligent mobility solutions cut out for today’s consumers. It already operates more than 1000 vehicles across Germany and the UK. Our team supported Oply for two years in mobile application development for Android and iOS platforms. We introduced a host of new features and were responsible for ensuring the platform’s overall stability. The app we developed included features such as remote car management, car booking, user verification, refueling system, and an integrated payments system. The mobile apps help Oply attract new customers and deliver an excellent mobile experience. 

Healthcare software development

Technology solutions can improve many aspects of healthcare today, from cost reductions to smooth administrative management and better patient outcomes. Healthcare organizations are undergoing a digital transformation and developing applications that boost their operational efficiency with advanced analytics tools. Our team has ample experience in healthcare software development and delivery solutions such as telehealth and telemedicine, electronic health records, advanced analytics systems, clinical practice management systems, and clinical decision support solutions. Take advantage of our expertise to build a user-friendly and fully secure product for your healthcare company.

Case study: Telemedicine mobile app for a Swiss pharmaceutical company

We supported our client by building an application for the research project into therapy for patients suffering from severe neurological diseases. The application is dedicated to specific diseases and offers unique exercises and data collection mechanisms in the form of games based on activities such as clicking bottoms, matching symbols, or drawing shapes. Our application can be used every day to perform different tasks and answer questions – the survey also includes patient mood status and subjective professional disease progress. Thanks to the application, the company could engage patients, easily monitor their health and well-being, and expand its understanding of neurological diseases to develop new ways of treating them.

Greentech software solutions

Greentech includes a wide range of technologies – and some of them just happen to be the specialty of our teams. We have supported this important sector for more than a decade. Thanks to the experience acquired in multiple projects, today our experts can contribute their expertise to many greentech initiatives. We provide web development, mobile development, and product design services together with innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and blockchain. Team up with us to create a truly disruptive solution that builds a cleaner future.

Case study: A smart charging application for electric vehicles

Ubitricity is a German company looking to make smart charging more affordable and accessible for its customers. Our team delivered and published a mobile application for the Android platform. The app helps end-users find charging spots in selected cities and then receive a single bill for using multiple services. This helps to simplify the process of charging electric vehicles. The app also allows users to track their energy consumption, find a parking spot, get contract details, and user account information. Our team helped Ubitricity to streamline the process of charging electric vehicles and offer a great customer experience. 

Consumer electronics solutions

We’re experienced in building Internet of Things solutions that consist of devices equipped with smart sensors that capture data, communicate with each other, and bring many business advantages. Custom software development or product digitalization are among our competencies. Our experts can also help you to jumpstart a project that was stalled and build a working Internet of Things solution for you. We also provide research and development services to accelerate the rate of innovation while mitigating its risks and costs. Team up with us for building the next consumer electronics hit.

Case study: Test environment for trade show presentations

Our team created a functional test environment for potential customers or partners of our client, KNX. We were tasked with delivering an interactive presentation that would be displayed on trade shows and fairs to allow customers to become more familiar with the client’s offer. It was important to clearly present the essential features of the technology in an attractive way. Our interactive presentation matched the actual functionality and infrastructure offered by our client and has so far been used successfully during various trade shows.

Real estate software development

Our experience in real estate software development services lets us realize even the most complex app idea. We can help you build an end-to-end real estate management solution that offers an attractive design, excellent system integration, and an engaging user experience. We know how to build high-quality real estate solutions that serve a variety of purposes, from rental property management and building management to security control systems and commercial real estate solutions. Team up with us to disrupt the real estate sector and deliver a great experience to users.

Case study: A real estate management app for short-term rentals

When planning their travels, many consumers look for a functional apartment for short-term rentals. Our team built a unified platform for our clients, which combines the advantages of such solutions and solves the key problems of companies that manage larger properties. Our platform targets property owners, real estate groups, and universities that own dormitories to help them manage properties and promote their offers. The user-friendly application offers a rich ecosystem of functionalities, including custom apartment pages, profile settings, contact information, FAQs, property dashboard, and community manager available as a mobile or web application.

Blockchain development

Blockchain technology can potentially revolutionize many sectors. We participate in this process thanks to a team of blockchain experts who specialize in this innovative approach. We help our customers to develop blockchain applications that take advantage of technologies such as smart contracts or automated decentralized applications (dApps). Our teams know how to assist both enterprises and startups in building blockchain solutions such as transaction platforms and exchanges based on Ethereum or other decentralized databases.

Case study: Neufund – a community-owned fundraising platform

Our blockchain development team is behind Neufund, an equity fundraising platform powered by blockchain. We built the community-owned fundraising platform from the ground up to serve as a bridge between the investment world and the blockchain space. By using this legal and technical infrastructure, both established companies and startups can legally issue a new type of asset called tokenized equity and enter into this exciting sector.

Enterprise software development

We have many years of experience in equipping enterprises with solutions that automate processes, transform the way of doing business, and enhance their operational agility. Our solutions are scalable, reliable, and perfectly tailored to match the sophisticated needs of large enterprises. Our specialists have experience in delivering enterprise mobility solutions, data management systems, and custom software development paired with software integration and modernizing legacy applications. Team up with us to disrupt your sector with an innovative and functional enterprise solution.

Case study: Assisting an aviation giant in transforming its applications

Our team played an essential part in building a brand-new iteration of air navigation applications for a leading aviation company. We were tasked with delivering applications together with the implementation of modules and libraries related to weather data, navigation, apps, and communication with airports. Our team prepared a number of modules that follow the current trends in the aviation industry, providing excellent security to reduce their vulnerability to cyberattacks and ensuring easy implementation on the client-side.

Benefits of partnering with professional software development agency

Our team has many years of experience in using various technologies to deliver solutions to different industry verticals. We combine innovative approaches and battle-tested technologies to accelerate the development process, make it more reliable and cost-effective, and ensure that our solutions have everything our clients need to deliver a great experience to their customers and employees.

Flexible development process
Our teams typically follow a workflow based on the Scrum framework and build on the Agile methodology of software development. However, we are still flexible and can easily adjust our workflows to the unique processes of your organization or your internal teams.
Full transparency
We use a range of project management and collaboration tools to help our clients stay up-to-date about the project’s progress. They don’t even have to reach out to us every time they want to know how the work in the project is going. We also offer our clients access to the code repository and regularly demonstrate the results of our work during demo sessions organized after every sprint.
Focus on high-quality
We always involve our Quality Assurance specialists and testers at the project’s beginning. That’s how we can ensure that your team delivers a solution of outstanding quality. To accomplish that, we use approaches such as peer code review, test-driven development, and automated testing. That’s how we deliver coda that matches critical industry standards.
Industry experience
Our teams have developed solutions for sectors ranging from finance and automotive to transportation and retail. We have worked on a wide range of projects spanning from startup products to enterprise-grade applications. Building on this experience, we have the skills and know-how to deliver solutions that offer tangible business value right from the start.

Our services

We build modern web applications using a wide range of technologies that are today considered standard for the tech industry. Our web applications are fully responsive and look great when displayed on various devices. Our teams provide a high level of expertise with an awareness of how to create perfectly integrated solutions that serve cleantech purposes.

No matter how important the mission of a product is, if it's not attractive to customers, it doesn't stand a chance on the market. That's why we invest a lot of effort into transforming ideas into true design masterpieces. Our UX/UI designers step in early on to help our clients build digital products that are accessible, usable, and captivating to end-users.

Our IoT experts help companies to gather more customer data via a wide range of sensors and processes. Thanks to this, our clients achieve a greater understanding of their customer base and transform customer insights into decision-making. IoT is going to play a crucial role in cleantech technologies because by enabling services such as predictive maintenance and solutions bringing greater energy efficiency.

It's hard to imagine our lives without mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Our experts know how to build high-performing software for the most common mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. We also use cross-platform technologies to achieve an excellent balance between cost and performance.

Cleantech solutions could potentially benefit from blockchain technologies like smart contracts for optimizing supply chains and achieving greater traceability. We have unique expertise in the blockchain technology and the IT sector. This allows us to deliver tailor-made blockchain solutions such as IEOs and STOs that bring value to businesses and end-users. Build an innovative blockchain-based application for your business with our help.

What to expect during our collaboration?

Are you looking for a team of software developers who have the right type of expertise for your project?

Pre-kickoff email

We always start a new collaboration by sending our clients a message that contains all the critical project information and guidelines. This helps to kick the project off quickly and put it on the right track from day one.

Weekly status calls

We organize weekly calls with the entire team or just the team leader. The objective of these calls is to review the project’s progress and set the goals and priorities for the following week. These calls also help our clients to keep up-to-date with the work in the project. Our team benefits from these calls as well because it’s instantly informed about any changes that need to be applied to the application.

Documentation and resources

We use Confluence to store all the critical resources, documentation, and other important information related to the project. This digital space offers a single source of truth for our teams. It also helps to keep all the project stakeholders – including our clients – up-to-date about the project’s progress.

A solid project management platform

Our teams use Jira to categorize tasks into sprints, store all the task-related information, and prioritize tasks accurately. We offer our clients access to Jira in order to keep them on the same page and fully informed about current project workflows, tasks residing in the backlog, and information about individual tasks.

Easy communication

We use Slack for daily communication and always invite our clients to a dedicated private channel created just for their project’s purpose. Our clients can use Slack to easily communicate with our development team and other specialists engaged in the project. This is a perfect tool for asking questions or sending feedback.

Regular reporting

Our clients receive a business report once a month together with the invoice listing all of the key details. We also deliver a technical report once per sprint to keep our clients updated about the technical side of their project. This type of reporting allows us to develop full transparency during the project, which is essential for successful software development.


1. What does a software development company do?

We can divide software companies into product-based companies and service-based companies. If you’re visiting this page, the chances are high that you’re looking for a service-based company to help you build an application. Such companies work directly with other businesses and provide them with a wide range of services – from custom software development and IT consulting to team extension and training. 

A software development company builds new software solutions, develops web applications and corporate systems, creates data analytics and business intelligence tools, and delivers IT consultancy services. Examples of services provided by such companies are web development, mobile development, application development (for desktop), data science, embedded systems, IoT development, and cloud computing. Other common services are IT consulting, IT team extension or staff augmentation, dedicated software development teams, IT training, and research and development services.

2. What are the benefits of working with a software development company?


When teaming up with such a company, you no longer have to worry about any overhead costs such as salaries, perks, and benefits, workstations, hardware, or software licenses. All of that will be the responsibility of the software development company building your application – so you can focus 100% of your attention on your mission. 


Access to top talent

Software agencies know how to attract and retain highly skilled and experienced software developers. Such companies invest in their professional growth by providing mentoring programs and organizing workshops or hackathons. Recruiting the same experts will take you a lot of time and money. That’s why so many businesses are turning to outsourcing options. 


Industry experience

When teaming up with an experienced software development agency, you get access to top talent but also take advantage of the company’s internal expertise acquired through many different projects. Some of them might be very similar to yours or realized for a company operating in the same industry.


Broad technology expertise

Software development companies usually have a lot of experience in building custom software solutions and can assist you in many different areas. Their in-house resources provide expertise in matters such as product development and UX/UI design, software architecture, testing, Quality Assurance, support, and maintenance.

3. How to choose a software service provider?

How do you pick the right software development company for your project? Here are some things you should take into account when choosing the company to which you’ll entrust building a great software solution for your brand.

  • Related experience – does the company in question have the right experience for your project? Have a look at its portfolio and case studies. 
  • Examine the technical expertise the company provides – does the company specialize in one or two key technologies or offers a wide range of services? If you’re looking to build a mobile application, team up with a company that has documented expertise in delivering such applications. 
  • Read the reviews – Have a look at the company’s reviews on the website such as Clutch or The Manifest. If you’re looking for excellent UX/UI design, the company probably also publishes their work on Behance or Dribbble. Ask for references from previous or current clients to learn how their collaboration went. 
  • Awards and recognition – does the agency have the skills and know-how to deliver your project successfully? Another way to tell is whether the company has ever been awarded or recognized for its quality of software development or design. 
  • The company’s size – choose a software development company that comes in the right size for your business. If you pick an agency that is too small, you risk that the company doesn’t support your project properly. And if you team up with a large agency, you risk that developers don’t pay enough attention to your project because they have larger projects going on at the same time.
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