Oply / eXaMotive - Case Study

There are more and more cars in the cities, but the road infrastructure is not growing. Fuel prices are rising all the time, we have more and more problems with pollution, which, among other things, causes increasing smog. An interesting direction of development is the sharing economy and electromobility. New technological solutions make it possible to construct services that help solve problems faced by our civilization. 



As our cities become ever more congested, keeping people and goods moving is one of the world’s greatest challenges. Oply Intl. (formerly Examotive) was founded on the belief that the way vehicles are used has to change – fundamentally.


In partnership with a strategic automotive investor, Oply is an enabler and operator of intelligent mobility solutions for the modern world. With its unique blend of expertise, know-how, and a proven MaaS platform, Oply solutions are designed to keep the world moving. No need to privately own the vehicle anymore –  the right car is always one (app) click away from you. Oply already operates over 1.000 vehicles across Germany and the UK.


OPLY at the glance

Oply was a platform that allows you to rent cars for short periods of time with the help of your mobile phone. With the Oply mobile app, you could easily book and manage the vehicle you want to use. Oply was present in the cities of the UK and Germany – you didn’t need to use your own car in some cities, you only need to have access to the Oply app. 


OPLY was mentioned in: FleetNews | Die Welt | Berliner Zeitung


Three smartphones showing the features of the Oply application

What we have done

For two years, Concise Software has been working on Oply / Examotive mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to introducing new features, we were responsible for taking care of platform stability and implementing new content. 


The project was completed in September 2019. The applications were written “from scratch” and over this excited, to our time we have successfully expanded Oply territory by integrating for another city – London.


Business KPI’s:

  • 60 000 users using a mobile app on iOS / Android
  • +1000 vehicles integrated remotely with Oply mobile app
  • 4 locations: London, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich

A slide that presents a case study of the Oply / eXaMotive app



We worked with Concise for now 2 years and we are very happy to do so. They managed to develop native Android and iOS applications in a very agile / flexible way. If we discovered any problems or bugs, even on a weekend or on public holidays, they were reachable. The reaction time was quite quick and always solution orienta