BRiN (Bizversity) - Case Study

You live a fast-paced life in business – but we still need inspiration, materials that will enrich our perception of business development. Bizversity is called “Netflix for business” – not without reason. It is a great streaming platform for all those who are interested in personal development and running a company.



The main challenge during the creation of Bizversity was to create a coherent streaming platform, where people interested in personal development and running the company could find content that fits their preferences. So far there was no service on the market that would be addressed to such people. It was important to implement all the most important functions that can be found in platforms such as Netflix, but with an emphasis on the needs of “busy” people. 

Hence such features as the ability to switch from video to audio mode, so you can safely listen to the lectures in your car. Moreover, the user can download previously requested content and listen to it without an internet connection. The Bizversity application is available for Apple devices: iPhone and iPad.


Bizversity at a glance

Bizversity in a nutshell is a streaming platform for people who are interested in personal development and creating companies or organizations. It is a place where company owners, NGO managers and other activists can share their knowledge with others. 

The platform allows for free access to the content, however, it is limited – only the paid version allows to use all available service options. Bizversity is also a mobile application available for iOS / iPadOS platforms.

Bizversity was mentioned in such media as: Independent Online | Singapore Business Review | Business Cloud


Brin Bizversity mobile app Concise Software

What we have done

  • Creation of a mobile application for devices running on iOS / iPadOS with all guidelines for the design, behavior and operation of the program
  • Long-term support for the project expressed in the “care” of the mobile application – Concise Software was responsible for updating and developing platform security
  • Implementation of the functions requested by the client – AI bot, speech to text and text to speech features and more
  • Development of key features for the consumer: among other things, the ability to create playlists with your favorite content available at Bizversity

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BRiN (Bizversity)