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Implementation of IoT solutions allows companies to create products delivering an outstanding user experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Hire our experts to build a flawless IoT application for your business.

Why to invest in IoT Solutions and Services?

IoT solutions open the door to a wealth of new opportunities for businesses operating across many industries. By bringing the offline and online worlds together, IoT applications allow companies to collect more data, generate more accurate insights, and save time and money by optimizing their operations. In 2030, the number of connected IoT devices will reach 25.4 billion worldwide (Statista).

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of computing devices that can transfer data and communicate with one another without any human interaction. IoT solutions offer businesses the opportunity to integrate all of the devices used in various processes into a common network.

Whether it’s a smart home, an individual healthcare device, or a complex tracking system for supply chain management, IoT is the technology you can bet on. It improves workflows, traces device performance, and gives your business a wealth of information. 

To leverage such systems, you need to hire a team of engineers who specialize in IoT development – the process of matching the development of software and hardware.

Industries leveraging IoT solutions today

Building a successful digital product is a gateway to digital transformation and capturing new customer segments at an unprecedented scale. However, it requires in-depth research about the target market and user needs, as well as the choice of the right technology solutions. Implementation of IoT solutions allows market leaders to create stable and secure products that deliver an outstanding user experience. 

IoT solutions in automotive


Innovation such as vehicle tracking systems and self-driving vehicles demonstrate automotive to be a key industry that benefited from the introduction of IoT. Thanks to IoT solutions, companies can build data communication systems that enable them to respond to real-time mechanical issues, boost vehicle performance, and increase security.


Manufacturing plants are using smart sensors and artificial intelligence in their processes to monitor and maintain equipment or optimize their workflows. Manufacturers can use IoT solutions to track factory assets and enhance the efficiency of their operations.

IoT solutions in manufacturing
IoT solutions in healthcare


IoT solutions enable a rich array of self-monitoring and health management devices. They also help hospitals to stay on top of the maintenance of medical equipment such as MRI machines, ventilator machines, cardiac monitors, and other devices by connecting them to an IoT network.


The retail sector transformed by the introduction of IoT, both in its online and offline variants. Stores use smart sensors and beacons to provide location-based services to customers, such as store map or item locators. Moreover, retailers can send customers personalized product recommendations and discounts while they’re browsing their offer in a physical store.

IoT solutions in retail
IoT solutions in finance


The financial services industry is also benefiting from IoT applications that boost security for both banks and customers. IoT has found a lot of applications in mobile banking, ATMs, smart cash points, and others. Thanks to IoT, customers can use their smartphones to deposit cash, transfer money, or complete other transactions easily.


The transportation and logistics industry uses IoT solutions to manage vehicle fleets, monitor driver behaviors, and provide customers with accurate data about the location of their orders in real time. Shipping vehicles are equipped with sensors that monitor the temperature to help companies ensure the safe condition of their cargo.

IoT solutions in transportation

How your business can benefit from IoT solutions?

By connecting devices to a computer network, the Internet of Things makes them intelligent and capable of transmitting valuable data. This offers an opportunity for businesses to collect data, generate new insights, and make smarter decisions
Improving customer experience

IoT development allows companies to create new data streams and boost their analytics potential to understand how customers use their products or services. This is critical for reducing friction for customers.

Reduced cost and downtime

Companies that implement IoT see significant reductions in operational expenditures and downtime. For example, digital twin technology has become a competitive differentiator in industrial IoT applications.

Productivity gains

By connecting key business processes, leaders can identify ways to boost their efficiency and productivity thanks to new opportunities for process monitoring. These gains translate into increases in both productivity and revenue.

Asset tracking and waste reduction

Companies that have complex supply chains stand to benefit a lot from IoT. Such solutions enable businesses to leverage asset tracking and monitoring to optimize the supply chain and build digitally-enhanced products that increase customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for an IoT Service Provider?

Team up with Concise Software

At Concise Software, we have implemented IoT applications in projects for various organizations, from cutting-edge startups to established enterprises. Our developers have the talent and experience to build robust IoT architectures and solve the most challenging problems in this innovative technology field. We have delivered projects for the most demanding sectors, such as fintech, and used cutting-edge technologies like blockchain.
Solid processes

Our processes are founded on industry best practices and proven approaches like the Scrum framework and agile methodology of software development. We keep our clients updated thanks to regular updates, live demos, and practical communication tools.

Battle-tested technology stack

We use proven technologies and experiment with new solutions to keep up with the development in the IoT scene. We constantly expand our toolkit and broaden our expertise to deliver high-quality solutions.

Broad skillset

As a software development agency, we have the tools and expertise to provide our clients with a wide range of services such as frontend development, backend development, and DevOps.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing and QA are a key part of our IoT development projects. Apart from manual testing, we carry out automated tests with the help of a battle-tested set of tools. This is how we create bug-free digital products that help your business deliver a great experience to customers.

Years of experience

We have delivered many IoT development projects to companies operating across various sectors, such as automotive, finance, and retail. Our teams have worked on enterprise-grade applications, as well as innovative digital products. We know what it takes to build IoT apps that bring tangible business results.

Our IoT development process


Proof of Concept

Depending on your business objectives and the stage of your IoT project, we can start our collaboration at different points. You can be sure that all our activities will be tailored to match your project. If you’re still working on defining the concept of your IoT solution, we will start by identifying and prioritizing the use cases that would add the most value to your company.

Architecture design

Complex IoT projects require well-formulated documentation. This is how you can streamline the IoT development process, but also save resources and avoid misunderstandings. At this stage, we learn more about your business and the devices to be used with the target solution. This enables us to design proper server-side architecture and API specifications.


Now it’s time to create your IoT application! We split the items listed in the project backlog into sprints and start coding the backend and frontend of your app. When developing IoT products, we pay a lot of attention to their security layers and ensure the data credibility by using private networks that connect to VPN tunnels, encrypt the data, and use advanced solutions to prevent data loss.

Maintenance and growth

We help companies to introduce a new IoT product. We often advise clients to start by launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It allows putting their idea to the test and collecting relevant data from different users and devices. This data is very valuable for further development.

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