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Pick Angular as the key technology for your project, and you can be sure to build secure, scalable, and dynamic applications. This handy framework allows businesses to slash the costs of development even by 60%! 

By choosing our team, you get state-of-art infrastructure, top expertise, and skills in the latest technologies development. Our team used Angular in projects realized for companies operating across many different industries. We know how to use this powerful platform to build high-quality applications.

What is Angular?

AngularJS is a framework and platform developed and maintained by Google. Developers use it to build single-page client applications with HTML and TypeScript. It enhances the features of HTML – that’s how it allows teams to build interactive and dynamic user interfaces for both web and mobile applications. 

Angular is a great tool for developing the frontend of applications or Single Page Applications (SPAs). The development process is well-structured and dynamic, helping developers to build clear and flexible code.

Which famous applications rely on Angular? There are many successful products on the market that were built with Angular.js, for example, Gmail, YoutTube TV, Microsoft Office Online, Udacity, or Xbox

Key benefits of Angular

Clear and consistent code

Angular enables developers to write clear and understandable code. This, in turn, accelerates the process of building a product and increases your time to market

Top quality

Angular offers a rich array of tools that help development teams to write cleaner code, eliminate bugs, and quickly test the app for errors

Value out of the box

The framework provides developers with a pre-configured environment for both developing and testing your application. Teams no longer have to use any third-party libraries to create basic functionalities for the application


Another perk of Angular is that it enables development teams to easily divide code into modules. Thanks to this handy feature, they can scale the application seamlessly so that it supports business growth


Upgrading an application built with Angular is very easy because all of the packages are updated at the same time. You don't have to worry that some parts of your app are outdated and might threaten the security of your product

Angular Material

It is an outstanding resource for software developers. It's a list of ready-made components and modules that are very useful in app development. By using components, teams can add new elements to the app very quickly

Passionate community

Angular is surrounded by a large and vibrant community of software developers around the world who contribute to its growth. The group has built a rich ecosystem of tools that can enhance any digital project

Support from a tech-giant

Angular.js was created by Google, and the company uses it in the development of its own applications. Google's support ensures that the framework will be growing steadily in the future

Building Angular applications

Online stores

Angular is a powerful resource for building e-commerce solutions that include marketplaces, auctions, social commerce solutions, and many other types of online stores

E-learning solutions

Another application of Angular is e-learning, including web applications that deliver professional online training, learning management systems, enterprise learning portals, online courses, and others

Logistics and transport solutions

It also comes in handy in developing applications to be used by the logistics and transportation sectors, such as apps for tracking assets, managing delivery, and customer service

Healthcare app solutions

It's also possible to use Angular to build advanced e-healthcare solutions that offer helpful services to users, such as telemedicine apps, digital health apps, or monitoring and tracking tools

Banking and finance solutions

Organizations in the financial services sector can use Angular to develop customer-facing applications such as online portals and user dashboards, as well as employee productivity apps

Automotive solutions

Angular is a great technology choice for innovative web and mobile applications designed for the automotive sector, both customer-facing as well as dedicated to employees

Are you looking for a Business Partner?

Our services

Custom development

Want to build a tailor-made app for your business? We have years of domain expertise that allows us to develop scalable, feature-packed, secure, and mobile-friendly Angular applications

UI/UX development

Our Angular developers can provide you with attractive and eye-catching web and mobile designs that help your app stand out on the market. We follow the latest design trends and industry best practices to deliver value to our clients

API development

Our team can provide you with a high-performing and scalable API to help your application grow. Our API development services are geared at accelerating and streamlining the development process

Migration services

Would you like to migrate your app to Angular or upgrade it to the present version of the framework? Get in touch with us; our developers are ready to help you

Consulting services

We have experts on board with many years of experience in Angular development. That's why we are a perfect technology partner for discussing a migration or upgrade. We can help you understand whether your business could benefit from it, or you should focus on another technology

Support and maintenance

In addition to the Angular development services, our team is also skilled in providing round the clock support and maintenance services

Team up with Concise Software

Our teams have a lot of experience in using Angular in developing web and mobile applications for companies in various industries. We know how to make the most of its features to increase the development speed, make building your app more cost-effective, and make sure that your app is equipped with everything it needs to deliver an optimal user experience.
Flexible development process

Every collaboration requires a degree of flexibility to bring the best results. Our teams are ready to adjust their development process to fully meet your business requirements

Transparent communication

We use project management and collaboration tools to keep updated about your project. You will see all the results of our work during regular demo sessions. Moreover, we will grant you access to the project's code repository


Our teams have delivered many web and mobile development projects for sectors such as automotive, finance, and retail. We worked on both enterprise-grade applications and digital startup products. That's why we know what it takes to build an app that brings business results

Focus on quality

We invest in Quality Assurance from the earliest moments in the project. Our approach consists of automated testing, test-driven development, and peer code review. These elements are key to delivering code that is clean and meets industry standards

Get experienced Angular developers for your project

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