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Are you building an application for your business? Then you need the skills and talent of our experienced backend development team.
At Concise Software, we have experience in backend development for a great variety of projects. Whether it’s a website, web applications, or mobile app, you can be sure that our teams deliver high-quality backend solutions using the best technologies on the market.

We know how to build apps that offer scalable performance and robust architecture, delivering an excellent experience to end-users. Our backend developers use the most innovative and battle-tested server-side technologies, secure authentication tools, and powerful database solutions for building solid backend architecture.

Why invest in backend development?

When building a modern application, you need both frontend and backend developers. While frontend experts take care of the app’s user interface, it’s the job of backend developers to ensure that the server-side of your application works seamlessly. Our backend development services are the core of our app development projects. Team up with us to ensure that your backend code delivers optimal performance for your app

Outstanding user experience

Thanks to quality backend web development, your customers get to have a good experience on your website or application. That’s because the backend enables teams to build a fantastic frontend experience for users

Excellent functionality

The look and feel of your app are important, but so is its functionality. If the application doesn’t work as desired, the project is doomed to fail. Backend developers ensure that the app works smoothly and is free of any errors

Great variety

Backend developers are responsible for a wide range of elements, from database interactions and performance to third-party integrations. It’s impossible to build a functional app without proper attention dedicated to its backend

Application logic

Today, most teams prefer to keep the user interface and application logic separate to make its development and maintenance simpler and more cost-effective. The application logic includes the domain and infrastructure components of your application but also performs routine data processing required by your business

Security in check

Even minor problems in the backend code can make your website or application vulnerable to targeted malware and cybersecurity attacks. That’s why focusing on the quality and structure of the backend code is so important

Smooth operation

By investing in high-quality backend code, you can be sure that your application is free of any bugs and offers a rich user experience without any interruptions to the user flow

Are you looking for Backend Developers?

Our backend development services

UX/UI design

We have a team of designers on board who know how to create user interfaces that deliver a great experience to users and bring you tangible business results early. Hire us to build a strong brand on the digital landscape and help your application grow

Frontend Development

Do you need a team of experts to help you build a beautiful user interface? We’ve got you covered. Our frontend developers have the experience you need to create unforgettable experiences for the users of your products and build a strong brand

Web App Development

Our teams can help you implement a new web application seamlessly. Thanks to a wide pool of skilled professionals, we can tackle even the most demanding projects and support you at every stage of your app’s lifecycle, from requirements gathering to maintenance and growth

Web Design

Our teams have the skills and tools to deliver professional web design services and help your business attract more customers to your site. Get a beautiful design combined with optimal functionality and security to boost your conversion rate

Team up with Concise Software

Our backend developers have the skills and expertise to solve even the most challenging problems in applications created for innovative sectors such as fintech or cutting-edge technologies like blockchain.

Solid process

Our development process is based on industry best practices and proven approaches like Scrum. Thanks to regular project updates, live demos, and handy communication tools, we can keep our clients up to date and push the project forward fast

Battle-tested technology stack

Our backend developers focus on a few great technologies that form the foundation of many modern apps being developed today. We bet on Node.js, Express.js, and Nest.js because each of these technologies helps us deliver quality solutions

Robust infrastructure

As a software development agency, we provide our clients with frontend and backend development services, as well as DevOps expertise that ensures that high quality of the server architecture. We know how to build an infrastructure for your app that is secure and scalable

Quality Assurance

Testing and QA are a critical part of every development project. Apart from manual tests, we carry out automated tests with the help of many different tools. That’s how we create bug-free digital products that help your business win customers

Experienced teams

We have successfully delivered dozens of backend projects for companies operating across various sectors such as healthcare, automotive, and retail. Our excellent track record spans over enterprise-grade applications to innovative digital products


We organize daily and weekly stand-up meetings to stay up to date with the project's progress. To help you keep tabs on our work, we offer easy access to the project documentation, resources, and team members.

Backend development languages we use


Perfect for building scalable Node.js applications, this framework brings the design patterns and mature solutions of JavaScript in an adaptable ecosystem. Teams can use it to build all kinds of server-side applications. The modular architecture of Nest.js allows developers to gain full flexibility in their choice of libraries


By using Node.js, our developers can program server-side with JavaScript. Node.js comes with many benefits: optimal performance, promising scalability, and the support of a large and well-established community. We can deliver functional and attractive web applications faster than ever, thanks to Node.js


Express.js is a minimal and flexible web framework that offers development teams a set of robust features for building web and mobile applications. It provides a thin layer of fundamental web application features on top of the already-powerful Node.js features—a must-have in any project

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