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Hire our web development teams to realize your project on time and within budget. Our solid processes make it easy to outsource web development with full certainty that at the end of our work, you will get an amazing result delivered by our talented team.

Why to invest in a web development?

Building a successful digital product is a gateway to digital transformation and capturing new customer segments at an unprecedented scale. However, it requires in-depth research about the target market and user needs, as well as the choice of the right technology solutions. This is how market leaders create stable and secure products that deliver an outstanding user experience.

Be the innovator in your sector

Position your company on the leading edge of your industry. Respond to the rapidly changing market conditions and stay ahead of the curve.

Build a product users will love

Create an application that helps your customer solve a problem efficiently. Lock a feature-rich app in a simple, user-friendly design.

Validate your idea

Create an MVP fast to verify your business idea in the market and acquire financial support from investors.

Attract new customers

Build a functional and attractive application to capture the attention of new customer segments. Use reliable technology to build meaningful relationships.

Create a secure application

Ensure that your product is built in line with industry best practices and top security standards. That's how you avoid risking your reputation.

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Our web development services

Our UX/UI designers have plenty of experience in building simple but powerful app designs. They know how to translate your business goals into a smooth user journey, seamless navigation, and attractive look. You can see the results of their work on mockups and prototypes prepared to offer you a glimpse into the final look of your product.

Make your product idea a reality with the help of our talented developers. Benefit from full-stack web development services delivered by teams that have experience across various sectors and verticals.

Building a captivating and functional user interface is the domain of frontend developers. Our frontend development team takes advantage of the designs, mockups, and prototypes prepared by designers to streamline the coding process and ensure its high quality.

The look of a web application is just one part of the story. The other lies beneath the appearance and has to do with your app's functionality. Our backend developers can create any feature you need, from a payment gateway to a user portal.

Benefits of teaming up with Concise Software

At Concise Software, we have the skills and expertise you need to build a successful digital product. Right from the off, our Team has been helping startups and corporations become intuitively digital.

As a Web Development company we wanted to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new, fast, and scalable models for creating more meaningful customer experiences.

All the power stays in-house

Take advantage of our in-house engineers and specialists who will oversee your project’s progress. We also have a Quality Assurance Team & SFT (Software Test Farm) as part of our company.


We always make sure that our clients are up to date with the current project stage and the overall progress of their project. Our team and tech lead introduce you to the tools and workflow.

Solid processes

We transformed years of experience in software development into a set of reliable processes that allow our teams to deliver quality.

Tech leadership

We will support you at every step of the way, from the product management process to the key technology choices for your project.


We organize daily and weekly stand-up meetings to stay up to date with the project’s progress. To help you keep tabs on our work, we offer easy access to the project documentation, resources, and team members.

Flexibility and fast delivery

We use the Agile and Scrum-style approaches to deliver work in small, functional iterations. We apply lean principles to project management for optimal quality.

Our web development process

Step 1: Gathering requirements

Send us a message and describe your idea or attach a specification document, if you already have one. We will get back to you within one business day with answers to any questions you have asked and some initial ideas for your app. To talk some more, we usually schedule a face to face meeting. That’s the best way to brainstorm your app idea. If this is not possible, we’re happy to meet with you over Skype, Hangouts, or UberConference.

Step 2: Expert consultation and workshop

During the meeting or in message exchange, our expert will ask you some questions about your idea to gain a better understanding of it. Note that you will be talking to someone who has plenty of technical knowledge. This person will be able to answer more technical questions than a typical consultant.


If you have wireframes, UX/UI design, product specification, or some other materials, be sure to send them over before the meeting – they will be very helpful!

Step 3: Project estimation

Once our team gathers all of the key information about your idea, we will set out to prepare a detailed estimation of cost and time for realizing your vision. In our estimation, you will find every feature described separately together with the estimated number of hours it will take us to build it. Later, the sum of the required work-hours is multiplied by our hourly rate.


Most of the time, our team prepares more than one version of the appraisal. Additional versions describe the app with some extra features that we thought you might want your application to have. The estimation is free.

Step 4: UX design

If you decide to cooperate with us, the first stage will be preparing the UX design in the form of wireframes. These wireframes allow our team to identify the potential shortcomings in the product idea and patch them up before launching the development phase. During that process, we will work very closely with you so that you become familiar with all the potential use cases of the app. Once you accept the final version of the wireframes, our team will be ready to move to the next step.

Step 5: UI design

At this stage, we already know what the flow of the application should look like. Now we need to reflect it in the user interface design. To do that, one of our talented designers will be assigned to your project. The designer will make suggestions on the basis of their experience, the gathered project requirements, as well as UX insights. Once you accept the style, the designer will prepare the UI design for the initial screens of the app.

Step 6: Development

This is where the real work starts! We divide every project into phases that last 1.5-2 weeks. After each phase, we will deliver a demo of the app to you. You can click through it and give us your feedback. If you’re satisfied with the result, we will send you an invoice and then proceed with the next iteration.


Our team will share the up-to-date code with you at all times, including the unit and integration tests, as well as a report covering all of the changes made in the project. If you have any doubts or would like to apply some further changes, we will implement them before sending you a bill.

Let's work together!

Web development technologies we use



Thanks to Node.js, server-side programming with JavaScript is now possible. Node.js offers excellent performance and scalability, as well as the support of a large and established community. We use Node.js to deliver functional and attractive web applications at top speed.


This handy, minimal, and flexible web framework offers development teams with a robust set of features for both web and mobile applications. Express.js offers top performance as it provides a thin layer of fundamental web application features on top of Node.js features.


This framework is just perfect for building scalable Node.js applications. It offers the design patterns and mature solutions of JavaScript in a fully adaptable ecosystem that can be used to build all kinds of server-side applications. Thanks to its modular architecture, developers have full flexibility in their choice of libraries.



This powerful JavaScript library helps to write stable code and build SEO-friendly web apps. It offers a handy toolset and streamlines the process of writing components, which has a great impact on the overall team productivity and development speed. It also offers React Native for building mobile applications.


Backed by Google, Angular offers excellent performance and smart tools that allow writing cleaner code and achieving greater scalability. Its component-based architecture helps development teams to deliver products of higher quality, faster.

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