- Case Study provides a cloud-based platform for B2B2C CRM and Digital Marketing solutions. The platform assists global category leaders with distributed sales organizations to implement tools, processes, and analytics to boost revenues and reduce churn amongst both their franchise partners and consumers. 



Running a business is a challenge in itself. Entrepreneurs all over the world have to be concerned about customer acquisition, marketing, streamlining their companies’ processes, and communicating appropriately.


These activities require a lot of work and effort. is a platform that addresses these needs. It allows entrepreneurs to automate and organize key activities, giving space for creativity and building business relationships. at a glance is a company founded in 2013 by Michael Zirngibl and Sebastian Lestocq, whose mission is to make life easier for entrepreneurs. 

With this in mind, the platform was created, which through numerous automation, data integration, and the possibility of in-depth information analysis makes running a business much easier and more enjoyable. 


The platform also enables conducting and managing marketing and sales – both for B2B and B2C. The developers have also taken into account the needs of mobile users by creating a CRM adapted to both iOS devices and iPads.  

The was mentioned on Crunchbase. case study concise softwareWhat we have done

  • Project requirements analysis – we deeply examined project requirements and proposed optimal technological solutions to our client
  • Designing and development from the scratch according to specification; we designed and built the platform including mobile versions
  • Implementing parts of the project into a working application using advanced and extensible programming constructions
  • UI tests – we have checked the user interface for its usability and convenience of using the platform
  • QA – our testers did their best to track every bug before release

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