Connected KNX

Modern solutions need a proper way to present them to the world. KNX, the supplier of a complete standard for the smart home, has developed an ingenious technology that makes the world simpler, safer, and more friendly. What have we managed to do for our partner?

The challenge

KNX is the creator of an extensive smart home service system. Different devices are connected within one infrastructure (according to the IoT concept) – sensors are able to recognize the presence of the householder and trigger specific procedures (e.g. switching on central heating, switching on lights). In addition, an extensive sensor network recognizes hazards such as fires, burglars, floods, and, based on them, the system is able to warn the owner about a dangerous event.



Our company had to create an interactive presentation, which would be displayed at a fair on an interactive touch screen with 12 points of touch recognition. By using the potential of a reference device, our task was to create a perfectly functioning “test environment” that a potential KNX customer or partner could familiarize themselves with. 

Many important factors had to be taken into account. We had to show two houses (the main one and one belonging to a neighbor), connected to the KNX system. Furthermore, the properties were also to be based on the photovoltaic energy. We received documentation that was to characterize the product we were creating – according to the guidelines we created a logical presentation layer and graphic elements in pastel colors and an aesthetically pleasing style. 

The direct aim was to provide a complete solution for the client to showcase the product. The presentation had to work flawlessly, clearly indicating the essential features of the KNX technology. We had to make sure that all those who were to benefit from the presentation would have no problem understanding how the system works. Furthermore, we had to make sure that the presentation would work flawlessly on reference equipment. 


What we have done

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