Vetify Proof of Concept - Case Study

The challenge

Meet Vetify – an app that simplifies how you care for your pet. By bringing a new level of connectivity between veterinarians and pet owners, it allows for the easy sharing, tracking and updating of your pet’s health information.

You can keep records on your pets and share these records with friends or caretakers. Better yet, you don’t have to find somewhere to store physical records in your house as it is all stored on your phone!

Vetify is just one more proof that the future is now becoming reality, and makes life much easier when it comes to taking care of our furry little friends.

Vetify at a glance

Well maintained and documented health records are always to hand thanks to this iOS app. Vetify sends you notifications with reminders as to when it’s time for a new vaccine or medication for your pet, and also allows you to build your pet’s profile, and browse vets by location, ratings and reviews.

One of the best features is an option to create a “care team’ for your pet – a group of trusted people from your family, friends or neighborhood. In this group, users can manage tasks and select people to be responsible for each of them.

The results

With the help of Concise, a pet care mobile app was created for Vetify that connects with a pet’s collar, allowing users to track a pet’s position by GPS, to monitor their temperature and pulse, and to help manage health information in an easy way.

Concise’s smart software, combined with the Vetify approach of simplifying care, has resulted in an app which has made looking after pets easier than ever.








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