Web Application Development

Are you planning to build a web app for your business? Engage a team of skilled developers to get started with web application development!
To make the most of technology and delight your customers, you need to partner with a team of web development experts to build you a high-quality app. 


We have many years of experience in web application development for businesses operating across industries such as finance, retail, and automotive. Our teams know how to create apps that are bug-free, offer outstanding performance based on a robust architecture, and deliver a great experience to end-users. We use both cutting-edge and battle-tested technologies to develop successful digital products

Why invest in web app development?

Web applications are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. They work on desktop and mobile devices, offering excellent flexibility and performance. Businesses invest in the web application development because web apps allow delivering memorable user experience and are a cost-effective way to build digital products

Get mobile features

Thanks to innovative technologies such as Progressive Web Apps, you can bring your users a wealth of functionalities characteristic of native mobile applications without forcing them to install your app on their devices. You also won’t have to hire two development teams, reducing the cost of web application development.

Expand your reach

Our experienced web developers know how to build state-of-the-art web applications that embrace cutting-edge technologies and offer outstanding user experiences. By developing a web application, you can reach more potential customers because it works on all devices

Offline support from PWA

Progressive Web Applications use a larger web ecosystem that allows companies to add native mobile features for offline support, camera access, and so much more. By building a PWA, you can provide your customers with a native-like experience - they can even add an icon of the app on their mobile devices

Increased conversion rate

Build a beautiful and functional application that shows your brand in the best light. Delight your customers and lead them down the sales funnel to generate more revenue and develop a meaningful relationship with your audience

Are you looking for a Web App Development Company?

Our services

Backend Development

If you’re looking to build a digital product, you need a team of backend engineers with solid skills and lots of talent. Web application developement can be tricky, especially if you’d like to equip them with more complex functionalities. By partnering with us, your app’s architecture, functionality, and security will be in good hands

Frontend Development

Are you looking for experts to help you build a beautiful and functional user interface? You’re in the right place. Our frontend developers have worked on many projects realized for various industries. They know how to develop web apps that offer unforgettable experiences for the end-users

Web design

Our web designers have the experience, talent, and skills to create professional web designs to help your business attract more customers and boost the conversion rate. When teaming up with us, you’ll get an attractive design paired with optimal functionality and security

UX/UI design

Our designers have created dozens of user interfaces that deliver a great experience to end-users and generate tangible business results, such as increased conversions. Hire our team to build a strong brand that wins in the digital world and helps your business grow

Benefits of teaming up with Concise Software

At Concise Software, we have built web applications in projects for various organizations, from startups to enterprises. Our backend developers have the talent and experience to build robust app architectures and solve the most challenging problems.

Our frontend developers have a sense of aesthetics and will help you build an app that attracts the attention of potential customers. We also have experience in the most demanding areas, such as fintech and cutting-edge technologies like blockchain

Solid process

Our development process builds on industry best practices and proven approaches like the Scrum framework and agile methodology of software development. During projects, we organize regular updates and live demos. We use practical communication tools to keep you up to date and push the project forward

Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing and QA are a key part of every development project. Apart from manual testing, we also carry out automated tests using a battle-tested collection of tools. This is how our development teams create bug-free digital products that help your business delight customers

Robust infrastructure

We are a software development agency, so we can provide you with a wide range of services such as frontend development, backend development, as well as DevOps. This is how we keep the quality of the server architecture. We know how to build an infrastructure for your web app to make it secure and scalable

Battle-tested technology stack

We focus on proven technologies that form the foundation of many modern web apps. But our software developers also experiment with new approaches and tools. We constantly expand our toolkit and broaden our expertise to deliver quality solutions

Years of experience

We have delivered many successful web development projects to companies operating across various sectors, such as automotive, finance, and retail. From enterprise-grade applications to innovative digital products, our teams know what it takes to build web apps that bring the best results

Web app development technologies



Nest.js is a great technology pick for creating scalable Node.js applications. It offers teams the benefit of the design patterns and mature solutions from JavaScript in a fully adaptable ecosystem. This ecosystem can be used to create all kinds of server-side applications. The technology’s modular architecture gives developers full flexibility in their choice of libraries


Node.js enables development teams to deliver server-side programming with JavaScript. The technology has become popular in the tech landscape, thanks to its excellent performance and scalability. Today, Node.js boasts the support of a large and well-established developer community. Our teams use Node.js to build functional and attractive web applications as quickly as possible


Express.js is a useful, minimal, and flexible web framework that offers development teams with a robust set of features that come in handy for building both web and mobile applications. The technology also brings top performance because it provides a thin layer of fundamental web app features on top of the powerful Node.js features



Angular is a technology by the tech giant Google, so its popularity is only going to grow. Angular comes with excellent performance and a collection of smart tools that help developers to write code and achieve greater scalability. Its component-based architecture is a great value-added for teams that want to deliver products of high quality as quickly as possible


React.js is a robust JavaScript library that allows development teams to write stable code and build SEO-friendly web apps. It offers a useful developer toolset and streamlines the process of writing components. This increases the overall team productivity and the development speed in your project. To top it all, you also get React Native for building mobile applications

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