Red Bull Mobile - Case Study

Red Bull Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that allows you to take advantage of attractive packages of unlimited calls and internet access within the mobile network. In Poland, Red Bull Mobile uses the infrastructure of the operator Play. Customers of this MVNO can choose from prepaid and postpaid (subscription) offers.


The telecommunications market is extremely difficult – you have to reckon with huge competition in this industry. To break through to the awareness of potential customers it is not enough to have excellent access offers to services such as calls, SMS, and Internet access. You also need to be able to tell people about these things and give them access to a place where they can manage their services.

Concise Software is responsible for the operator’s website. We are proud to work with such respected brands.

RedBull Mobile at a glance

Red Bull Mobile allows its customers to take advantage of flexible and attractive offers for access to mobile services (calls, SMS, Internet). The operator actively operates in the Austrian and Polish markets competing with MVNO brands belonging to the largest operators. 

In providing its services to Red Bull Mobile in Poland, it uses the Play network transmitters. On the Polish market, Red Bull Mobile is one of the mobile operator brands that is often mentioned by industry media such as Antyweb – the best Polish technology blog.

RedBull Mobile case studyWhat we have done

  • High security and usability – we combined great security with great UX/UI
  • Optimized database and PHP code based on Drupal CMS – according to customer specifications
  • Feed import – we solved this aspect of the website’s operation by using a mechanism written in PHP and PERL
  • Scalability – solution created by us scales perfectly. We are constantly adding new features to the Red Bull Mobile website
  • Task scheduler – we’ve configured CRON in such a way that some tasks are performed automatically

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