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Cryopreservation is an extremely difficult topic that requires the right approach. At Biostasis, engineers, physicians, and specialists in this field create solutions that will allow this field of medicine to develop more and more. There are fatal diseases that we cannot fight – while cryopreservation allows us to “wait” until we find solutions to medical problems.


Creating a consistent mobile platform for a cryopreservation company is a huge challenge in terms of user-centricity and constructing a user-friendly design. At Concise Software, we combined the strengths of the mobile department and designers to deliver the perfect product for Biostasis. Our previous experience in the medical industry was extremely helpful – it all contributed to the success of the project.

Biostatis at a glance

Biostasis is a mobile platform where users can sign up for cryopreservation. In a situation where it turns out that this one is terminally ill, has received a serious diagnosis that cannot be resolved at the moment – “pressing pause” for the body may allow the patient in question to survive. The creators of Biostasis are creating a web and mobile platform (which we are responsible for) that is a one-stop solution to support cryopreservation enrollment.

Biostatis case studyWhat we have done

  • Mobile app development with the use of Contacts and Push Notifications, secure Login with Touch ID
  • Mobile app maintenance since we start our cooperation and continuing currently
  • Backend API development with the use of AWS cloud features and Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Backend API maintenance since we start our cooperation and continuing currently
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before the release

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