VATAV - Case Study

Web application designed to monitor tailing dams’ safety levels. Data read-outs from sensors located in the dams are provided on daily basis. Warning messages are generated in case a particular dam is about to reach its capacity level. Integration with Google Maps to present sensors’ location. The system contains the dashboard panel for the administrator to analyze historic data gathered from the sensors.


Monitoring tailing dams is a very important activity. Overfilling of tailing dams can result in unpredictable consequences – so checking their patency and level of filling is an important activity. VATAV develops solutions that include such things as filling sensors. Cooperation with VATAV has been a real pleasure for us. Our task was to implement the MVP in the VATAV project for the application and the website. We managed to perform all these tasks, according to our client’s expectations. Technological solutions are effective in improving the living comfort of many people. VATAV proves that modern technologies can go hand in hand with old, proven solutions. Thus, they can make the world a better and more connected place.

VATAV at a glance

VATAV is a website and web application that allows you to monitor tailing dams so you can counter the dangers associated with them. The system includes an “administration panel” that allows you to access all the sensors we have installed. If any of the tailing dams are overflowing, we will receive a notification. Furthermore, we can view the data historically, including strategies that can be applied to tailing dams. VATAV addresses an important need for monitoring tailing dams – the safety of residential areas that, for some regions, are flooded. The effectiveness of tailing dams is crucial in such areas so that residents do not have to worry about their building. The developer of VATAV has made sure that anyone managing tailing dams can conveniently monitor and thus – manage them. 

This is Concise Software’s mission that has guided us for years. It has been a real pleasure to work on VATAV, which provides sensors and an entire administration panel for people managing tailing dams. Such projects are proof for us that our work and the work of our customers make a lot of sense and should be widely appreciated.

A slide that presents a case study of the VATAVWhat we have done

  • Prototyping – we have made a prototype of the functions desired by the client
  • MVP – we have implemented the MVP version with the features requested by the customer
  • Consultations – we conducted a series of much-needed talks to define the scope of work
  • Implementation – we have done the appropriate work to implement the functions in accordance with the client’s expectations
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before the release

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