Haus Vorteil - Case Study

Haus Vorteil was founded to support real estate owners as a strong and reliable partner. As experienced real estate and financial experts, they offer our customers transparent, fair, and, above all, individual solutions for the partial sale of real estate. What distinguishes them: a clear product strategy, lean processes, smart digital solutions, and a highly motivated team.


The property management market is very challenging these days. Clients often expect innovative products and services that can meet their needs. HausVorteil allows you to buy back up to 50% of your property, so people who own property can get money for it and live in it all the time. This is an excellent service for people who need money but want to keep their apartment. HausVorteil gives them this opportunity by providing very attractive offers and features on the website that allow them to quickly calculate the offer and even enter into a contract.

Our task was to implement the features desired by the client and adapt them to the website. It was required to combine perfectly working mechanisms and ensure an appropriate level of security of the whole. HausVorteil was a solid challenge for us, but we managed to meet all the expectations of our client.

Haus Vorteil at a glance

HausVorteil is a platform that allows you to sell 50% of your property to an external partner – which is HausVorteil. This is a great option for anyone who needs money, but does not want to sell their entire property and would like to keep it for themselves to use. 

With HausVorteil it is absolutely possible – HausVorteil financial support allows many people to fulfill their dreams or improve their livelihood. It is possible to combine the use of the property and the sale of part of it – which is not possible with the standard operation of selling the whole. 

Without changing your life situation, without loans, and without causing any confusion in your life – it is possible to sell a part of your property without any risk. HausVorteil is something that is definitely worth recommending to many people.

HausVorteil case study by Concise SoftwareWhat we have done

  • Consultation with the client – during the discussions with HausVorteil, we defined the scope of work on the website
  • Prototyping – we built working prototypes of new features on HausVorteil website and tested them
  • Feature implementation – we implemented the features desired by our client
  • Introducing informative website and Partner Portal – we introduced needed functions to HausVorteil
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before the release

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