HappyCar - Case Study

The automotive market has changed over the years. Not only have cars changed, but also the way we use them. Renting a vehicle for a short period of time or for an extended period of time is now easier than ever thanks to new technologies and services embedded on the internet. Huge advancements are also due to the presence of services like HappyCar, which allow you to search and rent cars online.



Concise Software was entrusted with an extremely difficult and important task. Our specialists were asked to analyze the current search and car rental platform in terms of functionality and usability. What’s more, they analyzed APIs of new data providers to the platform in the direction of the possibility of implementing these solutions in HappyCar. 


What’s more, different flows and data sets provided by each of the providers were analyzed and it was necessary to validate and unify them into a format that is supported by the search engine. Our specialists created processes that allowed this project to be carried out smoothly and in accordance with the client’s expectations.


HappyCar at the glance

Renting cars through online platforms is a market that is gaining new customers all the time. Younger and younger users of online services expect brand new solutions that make it easy for them to become mobile. A car rental for a short period of time is a great way to get around town or explore new places while traveling. 


The fleet of rental cars is usually new, very reliable and often electric, which is of great importance for environmental protection. We are of the opinion that this type of service is a real game changer in the last years development of the automotive market all over the world. 


Not surprisingly, there is a lot of competition in this market. HappyCar, as one of the leading services of its kind, offers access to a huge fleet of cars. It constantly analyses the needs of its customers and actively responds to them. The result of this approach is the challenge that Concise Software faced in developing the HappyCar platform.


What we have done

  • Implementation of two data providers
  • Implementation of data sources to the existing platform
  • Necessary backend improvements to ensure, that everything works as expected