Visa – Rambus Payments - Case Study

At Concise Software, our mission is to build an integrated world. Working with Visa and Rambus, we were given the task of creating a unified payment platform and an e-commerce solution to optimize the payment process and improve the customer experience. We enabled Rambus to implement an e-commerce solution to allow online payment combined with a loyalty program. See how we managed to do that!



How do you create a single mobile wallet that digitizes different payment methods, including loyalty points, coupons, and gift cards? How to reduce the risk of fraud by leveraging tokenization? How to optimize the check-out process for a better customer experience? How to connect to multiple third-party service provider API’s to support external partners?


Concise Software’s task was to implement a new payment solution to simplify the online payment process and digitize different payment, loyalty, gift cards and coupons of multiple retailers to a single, secure wallet.


Visa – Rambus Payments project roadmap

Concise started working with Visa in 2017 and the project can be divided into 3 phases, namely UPP, Vaultify, and the first go-live with Coles. Simultaneously we were developing and constantly improving the backend and creating APIs to connect the different platforms. Overall the project lasted 3 years to date and is still ongoing.


Unified Payment Platform

The application provides a secure and easy-to-implement single payment solution with value-added services as well as gifts, coupons, and receipts. The core of the platform is the digital value manager, which allows retailers to connect multiple third-party providers and convert various forms of digital value into a unified currency.


Values for retailers and users:

  • personal recommendations;
  • the higher average revenue per user (ARPU);
  • digitizing and aggregating all the various methods used
    for payment; (loyalty, gift, coupon, and payment cards);
  • reducing check out times;
  • enhancing the customer buying experience and satisfaction.


Vaultify is a cross-platform, white-label solution for online retailers to digitize payment, and loyalty cards as well receipts, bringing them all together in one place. The new payment method enables a much more convenient shopping experience and speeds up the online checkout process for customers, who will no longer need to enter their payment and delivery information separately and can easily redeem loyalty points when shopping with Vaultify-enabled retailers.


Values for retailers and users:

  • seamless payment across different e-commerce websites; 
  • digitizing and aggregating all the various methods used
    for payment in a single, secure account; (loyalty, gift, coupon and payment cards);
  • reducing online check out times;
  • enhancing the customer buying experience and satisfaction.


Coles Flypay

Coles has launchedFflypay in June 2020 as the first use case of the white-label solution Vaultify. Through the integration of Flybuys in the secure Flypay account, customers can seamlessly checkout online, while collecting Flybuys loyalty points. Flypay has been gradually rolled out across the whole Coles group, including the brands:


  • Liquorland (launch: 26th May 2020)
  • Kmart (launch: 22nd June 2020)
  • Officeworks (launch: 25th June 2020)

A slide that presents a case study of the Visa Rambus Payments


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