Porsche - Case Study

Concise Software has worked with car manufacturers for over a decade. We used this experience to work with Porsche to develop an after-sales platform to improve the communication with their customers (“Sales Core Processes” Tool). The after-sales department is responsible to maintain the best possible cooperation between Porsche, subsidiaries, importers, and approx. 800 Porsche Centers.



How to streamline the after-sales customer service process – with worldwide scalability in mind? How do you ensure that everyone in the value chain across various multiple countries and regions adheres to the customer service process and the respective tasks? How to present customer service procedures – so that they are universal for every dealer as well as targeted and customized as possible?


Concise Software role was to deliver a worldwide platform with up-to-date procedures, to unify the standard of cooperation between Porsche and their business partners.



We created a “Digital knowledge database” – the “Porsche Service Core Process” (SCP), which replaced the cumbersome paper guidelines, with a web-based platform available to Porsche partners. It contains information such as the latest requirements, procedures and recommendations for after-sales service. 


SCP was introduced in April 2020 covering 19 markets on 5 continents – further locations will be implemented soon. 


We have created SCP for all Porsche centers and 80% of Porsche partners. The knowledge base covers all Porsche processes in the after-sales service. Our task was to properly design this database to make it as convenient as possible for brand partners.


What we have done

SCP is based on the WordPress platform, which allows users to create universal content solutions. Within 4 months we created an MVP (click dummy) version, which was tested in 2 markets. In the second phase of the MVP (website on WordPress) we developed a fully working product based on feedback from the first phase.

The next step was to launch pages for individual markets. The Concise Software team also participated in a series of trainings devoted to the SCP tool. The SCP platform is now in use, and we continue to support Porsche in its continuous development and maintenance.

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