Victoria - Case Study

Did you ever have a situation where you wanted to have an interesting day, but didn’t know how? All your friends were busy and you couldn’t think of a way to get to know each other? 

Victoria (Let’s Day Out) is the answer to such problems – this mobile application was created to connect people and build new relationships. Artificial intelligence has a huge share in establishing new acquaintances, which, based on the specific characteristics of users, matches the best proposals of acquaintances.


Victoria at a glance

The artificial intelligence that drives Victoria (Let’s Day Out) app determines what qualities users should have when they are combined in the search for new contacts. 

Thus, when we want to meet new people, we get those contact proposals that may be most valuable to us. Victoria app allows us to chat and meet new friends through the SDK from the Zoom application – this way you can also buy joint tickets for online and offline events (at the moment mainly within London).

As we mentioned earlier, each user has the opportunity to personalize their account in such a way that it is possible to create better “matches” in the service. What’s more, every person participating in the Victoria app has the opportunity to upload social content, including very short a’la Instastories videos.


victoria app social media concise software key features

App pivot due to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

A big challenge for our team was the emergence of the worldwide coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which significantly changed the approach of Victoria (Let’s Day Out) creators to running their business. In a short period of time, the platform had to be “transformed” into a tool that encourages users to stay at home

This was achieved by working closely with the client – the influencers with whom the online events were organized were also involved. Thus, during the pandemic, the application is called “Let’s Day In”, which directly refers to isolation, sitting at home – but in this positive sense. 

The project was carried out from beginning to end in Agile methodology – for our team it was not a problem. We have worked with clients many times within the framework of agile methodologies, always delivering great results. However, we did not have a large team, a challenge was also the fact that there was a great emphasis on remote contact with the client. Fortunately, our specialists managed to do this, and thanks to our professionalism, we managed to deliver high-quality work in the Let’s Day Out project.


What we have done

Thanks to the work of our programmers, Let’s Day Out (Let’s Day In) is an application that achieves the intended results of its creators. Using perfectly functioning mechanisms, it connects people and fulfills its task. 


We were responsible for:

  • “stories” system implementation
  • integration with Bambuser to increase the social networking potential of the platform (based on Swift and SDK iOS)
  • users matching system based on interests, characteristics, profession, age, gender
  • events and payment system integration


We worked with technology and tools: Swift, RxSwift, Bambuser SDK, Nimble, Quick, Jenkins CI.

Victoria app on App Store