Alve - Case Study

Telemedicine is a direction in the development of medical science that is constantly growing in importance. By consulting a specialist online, some services will become more accessible for people from all over the world. Concise Software had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the ALVE platform, which connects the patient with the physiotherapist in real-time.



The challenge in this project was to create a fast, perfectly functioning communication platform, in which specific functions would be available, e.g. real-time online video chat with therapists. The communicator had to be perfectly secure – after all, we have patient data, and these are always private information. Therefore, we had to create a communicator that would be comfortable to use and as safe as possible. The “Whiteboard” was to enable physiotherapists to present how to perform specific exercises or pass on tasks to the patient. Both the patient and the therapist also require their own private storage space, where they will keep the previous information about the exercises they perform.


Alve at a glance


Alve case study by Concise Software

What we have done

We faced the challenge of creating a telemedical platform for physiotherapy. Using our experience we have created a friendly, multiplatform (PWA) solution that meets the latest standards.

  • A platform that allows for text chat and video chat, which supports the contact required in physiotherapy.
  • Implementation of data space (in the form of an internal disk), e.g. for patients’ medical data, as well as a Calendar allowing for simple planning of upcoming visits (with reminders).
  • “Whiteboard“ function, a real-time drawing space for therapy.
  • Implementation of encryption in accordance with medical standards imposed by the client.

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