Query - Case Study

Query is an investment platform that uses modern forms of fund investing. The specialists of this company actively advise their clients who are looking for attractive forms of multiplying their wealth.


Modern investors need innovative forms of capital investment. New platforms are appearing all the time that allow such operations. The challenge is to create a friendly environment that will allow efficient management of one’s financial instruments. Query is just such a project – our client entrusted us with creating a website that would match his modern approach to business.

Building trust starts with your company’s image. Concise Software’s task was to create a modern, responsive, and compliant website that would properly represent Query. As can be seen from the course of the project, we managed to meet the expectations of our partner.

Query at a glance

Query is a project that combines extensive experience in investing with a modern approach. It’s a team of specialists who can find themselves in a difficult business environment, giving their clients the confidence that their capital is in good hands. Query is a team of people perfectly trained in their field.

Using innovative solutions, Query handles its clients’ funds in a way that gets the best results from them. However, building trust starts with the image – so Query’s website had to include everything that makes clients make a conscious decision to associate with this company. Creating a website for Query was a real pleasure for us.