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Contractor information – available in a safe, secure location. Indicium’s mission is to provide the most necessary data for every company.


Acquiring information about business partners is a very important operation. On the basis of such information, it is possible to assess whether entering into a strategic partnership or any business activities with a given entity is characterized by high risk. 

There are markets (like China)  where it is more difficult to obtain certain data about a particular organization. Indicium is a project which streamlines the acquisition of data from various sources, giving you an immediate and reliable insight into all parameters of companies, allowing you to immediately assess the risk resulting from a partnership or transaction with a specific counterparty.

Indicium at a glance

Indicium allows you to obtain information about contractors operating on the Chinese market in a simple and transparent way. Based on artificial intelligence, this platform allows you to quickly assess the risks associated with transactions or partnerships with a given entity. 

Thanks to Indicium, the process of gathering information and risk assessment is simpler – the preparation of relevant analyses and reports can take up to several months. With Indicium, this type of activity can be done within minutes – all thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Using Indicium, companies that want to cooperate with Chinese entities can quickly assess whether it is worth forming a new partnership.


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What we have done

  • Web developmentaccording to our client’s guidelines, we have created a perfectly working web solution
  • WordPress development – in the process of creating the website we used the well known, flexible WordPress CMS and adjusted it to the client’s needs
  • Plugin integration – taking into consideration the client’s specifics, we used specific plugins and made sure they work well
  • Security – we checked the security of the site and introduced mechanisms to reduce the risk of a cyber incident.
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before release

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