Kaya Biotics - Case Study

Each of us wants to be healthy. Organic products are increasingly being chosen by customers around the world. The ability to choose a product with a higher reputation, proven composition, and derived from organic ingredients is for many customers a key element in evaluating a product before buying. KayaBiotics provides this opportunity.


At Kaya Biotics, we were asked to create a website and e-commerce platform that would allow us to construct a cohesive and positively sales-driven online destination. The Concise Software team constructed a solution that proved to be a key development for Kaya Biotics.

Kaya Biotics at a glance

Solutions from Kaya Biotics allow you to effectively fight for your health. The creators of this project address their solutions to people who suffer, for example, from stomach problems or those resulting from reflux, among others. The organic ingredients allow for the formation of healthy bacterial flora in the intestines and alleviate the ailments of people suffering from popular diseases whose source is the intestines. The specifics developed by Kaya Biotics are one hundred percent created from organic ingredients – the natural origin is a huge advantage of these products.