Santander Turbos - Case Study

Investing is a very important activity in the financial market. Turbo certificates are tools that allow for a wide range of activities – but it is also worth having a platform that significantly supports the activities of investors.


The world of investing is not particularly transparent for investors. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find tools for investors that combine the ability to buy certain instruments and further their education. With the Santander Turbos project, we had the opportunity to implement our vision of a platform designed for the investor. 


We focused on what investors currently in the financial market expectations. By combining the Turbo certificates with the e-learning platform we allow more investors to comfortably operate in the market. We are sure that such an initiative will contribute to the greater activity of people interested in the capital market. 

Santander Turbos at a glance

Turbo certificates are high-risk investment instruments. Experienced investors use them to earn valuable profits in the short term.

However, like any investment, turbo certificates involve risk. For Santander, we have created a platform where investors can learn more about Turbo Certificates and purchase them in a virtual brokerage office.

As part of the overall investment platform, we have also created a place for Santander Bank where investors can learn more about investing – in the education section.

Concise Software - Santander Turbos case studyWhat we have done

  • Market research – we checked the market before conceptualizing a product idea for Turbo certificates
  • Conceptualization – we formulated assumptions about the platform infrastructure and data architecture
  • Frontend Development & Backend – we use Node.js and Angular to make sure the Turbo certificate platform runs quickly
  • Maintenance – while creating the Turbo certificate platform, we made sure that the server configuration is appropriate
  • Data source – we used GPW API and Issuer API to create a database of information about Turbo certificates, as requested by the client

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