Verisana - Case Study

Testing can be done in a modern way that fits our world. Our client Verisana shows you how to do it right.


Getting screened is a very important health-promoting activity these days. Providing services related to the examination of samples to determine the content of individual components of blood, the presence of microbes, checking the presence of viruses is extremely important. It is also a challenge, which makes it worthwhile to reach out to your clients while providing such services. Verisana is more than just a laboratory – it is also a place that actively promotes good health habits.

In the Verisana project, we were responsible for creating a website – web application and introducing appropriate functionalities.

Verisana at a glance

Verisana is a laboratory as well as a store where you can purchase specific tests and accessories to perform them. Verisana’s mission is to make it more accessible. Operating since 2012, our partner has grown its business online as well – creating health products based on more accessible distribution models. With years of experience in the industry and a well-qualified team of specialists, it has become one of the leaders in the healthcare industry, willing to go out into the digital media environment as well.

Verisana is one of the most recognizable brands in its niche, setting the course for change in the healthcare industry. We are delighted to be able to leverage our experience in collaboration with such an excellent partner.


Concise Software - Verisana case studyWhat we have done

  • Web application consultations – we conducted discussions with the client regarding the shape of the web application
  • Design – we implemented the design of the application according to the client’s expectations
  • Plugins – we introduced the appropriate plugins for WordPress and created those specially prepared for the Verisana website
  • Store integration – using WooCommerce, we made sure that the store works in the right way
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before release

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