Santander Custodian - Case Study

How can investing be better, simpler, and more enjoyable? The market leader in banking solutions – Santander has the answer.


Bank custodians are responsible for the safekeeping of assets, as well as overseeing that transactions executed in mutual funds are correct. Thus, depositaries have a great responsibility. Creating an online platform that deals with the services of a custodian bank is a huge challenge because you have to make sure that everything is properly secured and will meet the expectations of customers. 


While realizing tasks for the Santander bank – one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, we faced the challenge of working on the Santander Custodian platform. We used our previous, rich experience in fintech projects and the potential of our team.


Santander Custodian at a glance

Santander Custodian is a unified platform used to manage financial products. Within this platform, the client has access to the most important functions – share listings, online financial instruments, banking custody, and transactions. 


Santander Custodian platform is responsible for transactions settlements between Polish Stock Exchange, KDPW, and Bank’s Brokerage House.

Concise Software - Santander Custodian case studyWhat we have done

  • Creating a prototype of the platform – we made a mock-up for the client, which presented a sketch of our specialists
  • Consultations – we held discussions with the client during which we presented our insights on Santander Custodian
  • Implementation of the desired functionalities – according to the client’s wishes, we implemented the appropriate functions of the Santander Custodian
  • API implementation – we connected specific modules and made sure they work as intended.
  • QA – Our testers did their best to track every bug before release

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