MoNa – The Mother Natura - Case Study

Combating the increasing carbon footprint of our activities can be done in a modern and accessible way for users. Showing them the activities that can lower the carbon footprint and the ability to calculate the environmental impact are values that are fundamental in the MONA app.



At Concise Software, we were responsible for creating a mobile application designed to help mobile device users implement good environmental practices. Establishing one’s own carbon footprint is supposed to be a factor in raising awareness of the problem of increasing use and waste of the Earth’s resources. 


The goal was to create a coherent platform allowing to calculate the carbon footprint taking into account all activities, including those that support the environment. In addition, the user should have access to certified projects that help offset one’s own carbon footprint and show how to better protect the planet.


TDS MoNa at a glance

Global warming is a fact of life – it makes sense to know how we can help the planet. The MONA application allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it. You can share your results, successes, and ideas with your friends, who together with you can contribute to lowering your impact on the environment. 


The user in the MONA app is able to set their own goals and enter their own methods for offsetting the carbon footprint they generate. Segregating waste, planting trees, caring for natural elements – all of these can be highlighted in the MONA application and will contribute to lowering the calculated carbon footprint. The results can be compared with others and the overall carbon footprint for Germany can also be checked.

MonApp in Google Store


mona app case study by concise softwareWhat we have done

  • offset payments (integration with Stripe) – simple offset payments for users
  • one-time payments, and subscription models – flexible payment methods for users, also in the subscription model
  • Authentication with Amazon Cogito – simple and secure authentication method for application users
  • UI and functionality improvements – thanks to these changes, using the application is more pleasant and easier
  • integration with Google Analytics – thanks to this functionality, the owner of the application has a better insight into how his platform works and how many users use it
  • Bug fixes – we identified and corrected errors that arose during the work of another agency

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