Ingarden - Case Study

We are increasingly paying attention to what we eat and whether we can grow it ourselves with the tools we have at home. There is probably nothing nicer than knowing that the oregano we add to our spaghetti is something that was grown in our home and not brought from the store. 


Other foods, such as sprouts, can also be successfully grown at home, even if we don’t have our own garden. Ingarden proves that this is absolutely possible.



Concise Software was tasked with creating an eShop that would support multiple countries and currencies so that any customer in a country where there might be interest in Ingarden products could order them. Furthermore, our task was to implement subscription models and multiple product configurations in such a way that every customer could find something in the store for himself or herself.


Ingarden at a glance

Ingarden is a product that will help customers grow organic, GMO-free, attractive spices/plants in your own home, which you can successfully use in everyday use. These types of solutions are becoming more and more popular as the public becomes more aware of how these types of technologies and ideas can change the way we eat and use the environment. 

Having a minimal ecological footprint is central to Ingarden’s core values and ideology. Ingarden’s goal is to grow our sustainable business for the global community and our world. Naturally, they use eco-friendly materials to build Ingarden, and all of their fresh microgreens are certified organic, as well as herbicide, pesticide, and GMO-free.


A slide that presents a case study of the IngardenWhat we have done

  • Configuration and hosting selection: we used the AWS platform to create an online store base.
  • CMS configuration: we chose WordPress as the content management platform, appropriate modifications were implemented according to the client’s guidelines
  • Implementation of an e-commerce platform: we used WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions for this purpose, we adapted these technologies to the client’s needs
  • Integration of convenient payments: PayPal, Stripe, Affirm
    Convenient logging into the online store: we used the following technologies: Facebook, Google, PayPal

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