Validose - Case Study

Administering medications that must be dosed precisely or are controlled substances is a huge challenge. Validose solves a myriad of problems that arise with drug therapy by bringing order to a patient’s medication intake.


Medications and their precise administration are very important issues in modern medicine. Among other things, elderly people often have problems administering the right dose of medicine to themselves. Validose is not just a company, but a concept – to administer drugs in a safe and simple way. The combination of advances in the field of mobile devices and innovative therapies results in initiatives such as Validose.

Validose is currently only an intranasal drug delivery system, but this is expected to eventually expand to other drug delivery methods – including sublingual, transdermal, oral, and more. Right now, the medical world has a lot of problems with drug delivery techniques – giving patients “high-risk” drugs as opioids can end in addiction and substance abuse. This device is not just a piece of hardware, but an entire system that orchestrates the drug delivery process. This makes the operation of Validose very pleasant and intuitive. We are happy to be part of such a great project!

Validose at a glance

Conceived in 2016, Validose addresses many challenges that are straining the current medical system. Validose allows the doctor to check the patient for adherence to therapy.

In the Validose dashboard, the specialist can view whether the patient has actually used the medication as prescribed. Moreover, Validose as an aid to the patient can provide access to reminders to take the medication. The Validose system has been built to avoid the possibility of theft of the medication – the vials are secured against opening and the connected devices verify the identity of the user using biometrics.

This helps ensure that no one who is not authorized to do so will take the medication. Moreover, the possibility of taking the drug only in relation to a fixed schedule – excludes the use of the drug for non-medical purposes, for example, by deliberately taking more doses of the drug. The Validose system also offers vials that are fully resistant to damage and removal of drug doses from them, which eliminates the possibility of taking the drug in an unintended manner or using the substance for chemical purposes.


Validose Case study by Concise SoftwareWhat we have done

  • Consultation – we consulted with our client on the scope of work
  • App Development – in accordance with the guidelines, we proceeded to create ordered functionalities
  • Prototyping – we designed functionalities mock-ups to ensure a harmonious implementation process
  • React Native – we made sure that the application works equally well on all devices
  • Application tests – we made sure that everything works well

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