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What’s the cost of developing a mobile app?

Fortunately, answering that question what is the cost of developing a mobile app is easier thanks to the studies and surveys on the topic. For example, VDC Research surveyed application developers and it turned out that organizations need more than six months to build and deploy a single mobile application, spending $140,000 on average. Kinvey survey among CIOs found that mobile development can be more costly, with organizations spending an average of $270,000 per app.

Clutch has also carried out a survey among 12 of its leading mobile application development companies, asking about the number of hours required for building a mobile app. On that basis, it calculated the median cost at $171,450, stating the most important cost drivers. Among them were data storage, third-party integrations, data encryption, scalability, and access to enterprise data.

Read on to find out more about the cost of developing a mobile app, critical cost drivers, and best practices for reducing the expenses involved in building a mobile app.

Why is the cost of developing a mobile app so high?

When it comes to mobile development services, costs may vary dramatically depending on what kind of app we want to build and with whom.