Concise Software at Web Summit

Web Summit

Recently we participated in the amazing Web Summit in Dublin. This international technology conference is organized yearly all over world. As it turns out Web Summit is mostly interesting for startups and investors rather than for matured companies like us. It was easy to find ALPHA startup stands whereas BETA startups were peripheral. Although the Web Summit offered too many talks to attend them all.
Twilio attracted our attention the most. They specialize in enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. Hyperloop is developing the technology and hardware to make Hyperloop a reality. Designs, builds and tests every aspect of the world’s next transportation system.

Web Summit

One of the most important elements at the Web Summit was social networking, which was also a great opportunity for us. After pushing ourselves very hard during the day and resting only a few hours at the rented apartment we went straight to almost all Night Summit events. Our goal was to make as many connections as we could.

Web Summit

Fortunately, we did get invited to the few interesting “special” parties and discussed topics that are usually not in our focus, but still were very exciting and prolific.

Web Summit

Besides partying every night we also kept up our networking spirits during daytime. While walking around the event we talked to the founders of various international startups and matured companies at their.

Web Summit

Just to name a few: Frog Design , Riverbed , Facebook and Audi . We think that our biggest win was meeting an amazing Canadian company which had a lot of positive energy and with which we already started to cooperate.

Web Summit

Web Summit was an incredible experience with potential collaborations and some new and exciting connections. It is definitely worth the total expense.
We obviously don’t know the true value until we see which of our opportunities turn into realities but we can only absorb the good energy we received there and work towards reaching our goals.

Web Summit
We wish good luck to all the amazing startups we met in Dublin as well as the incredible people
both in Web Summit and around Dublin in general. Hope to see you soon again in Lisbon!

Web Summit

Photos by Tomasz Szykulski

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With the new Hungryhouse app designed especially for Apple Watch, users have the opportunity to purchase their last ordered food with just one click.

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After the meal is successfully ordered users can quickly and systematically check the status and details of their order on the watch. If the app isn’t already enabled, it can be turned on with only one lift of the hand.
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Apple Watch

Furthermore if the client is not using his smartphone, he will receive all notifications directly on his App Watch.

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Concise Software is a team of software engineers organized and devoted to supporting our customers entrepreneurial innovation efforts. We provide development and engineering services, specifically tailored to companies and entrepreneurs active in the dynamic consumer internet, mobile, social and gaming markets. We are passionate about participating in today’s broad economical shift, where technology entrepreneurs take over large swathes of the economy, overturning established industry structures.

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Our core expertise centers around contemporary mobile and web technologies, underpinned by agile engineering methods. These areas of expertise include mobile development and platform porting, web development, e-commerce and community platforms, social media integration and Facebook API, as well as expertise in game development and design.

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We serve entrepreneurs; technology startups spread across Europe, North America and Asia. Our Customers range from small to mid-size companies, in various stages of innovation, funding and development, and the value flexibility and agility. Concise Software also works closely with research institutions and multimedia installation artists. Our team performs best when faced with creative challenges, in a challenging, fast-paced project environment.

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