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An engineer is checking wind turbine system with a tablet as an example of digitalizing wind energy

Digitalizing Wind Energy: How to Capture Data from Wind?

Renewable energy is a very important issue for people and the planet. Currently, we rely mainly on non-renewable sources such as coal, oil. However, nuclear energy is widely used to meet the needs of societies. Wind energy is one of the more attractive alternatives - by using natural meteorological phenomena we are able to obtain energy in harmony with the environment.  

Reducing co2 emissions with use of a carbon footprint calculator; an image with co2 text against woodland

Carbon Footprint Calculator – 6 Apps that Help You to Reduce Your CO2 Emissions

  The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the direct cause of climate change, the greatest humanitarian, economic and environmental threat to the world today. Counting the carbon footprint is a fundamental step towards reducing emissions, while using a carbon footprint calculator is the first step made in that direction.