investing in car sharing app

Why should companies invest in car sharing apps?

Many of you are probably wondering why companies should consider investing in car sharing apps. We know very well that this is one of the more interesting business directions. The idea of sharing things like cars and even real estate is just developing and this is just the beginning of their journey. We’ll point out a few arguments that make a strong case for investing in car sharing apps – whether as standalone products or as part of a single brand’s broader business strategy! 


What’s important about car sharing apps is that with just a few clicks, confirmation of our driving credentials for certain vehicles (distinguishing between cars, trucks, special vehicles – this is handled differently in each country), and payment details, we can quickly rent a means of transportation. By accepting the terms and conditions of the service provider, we agree to the predefined rules for such rentals (variable or fixed deposit, rules for returning the vehicle in a certain condition, fuel leveling and several others). For the user, this is a very attractive form of rental – usually the entrepreneurs coming out to the mobile application market make sure that their brands are associated with not only great convenience – but also attractive prices. There is also a not inconsiderable market of apps where you can make your private vehicle available for rental. Let’s say – we commute to work by bus, but we have a car which we use mainly on weekends – to visit family out of town. Then we can make it available at certain times, on certain terms and for a certain amount. If there are some people willing to accept our offer, they will be able to rent a car from us. The advantage for us is that our private property, whose value decreases quickly, can work for us and amortize the loss in a beneficial way. While we are not really using our car – it can be useful for someone else and by the way a little bit save the environment (in general) of producing the vehicle in terms of kilometers driven. 


However, in this text we will focus on why companies should invest in car sharing apps. In addition, we will not describe here too extensively the case of other vehicles such as bicycles / electric bikes / electric scooters and many others. Their certain features – which is obvious – are common. However, it should be remembered that each case is slightly different and requires us to think a little differently and take into account slightly different factors. Among other things, these are socio-economic considerations. Currently, more and more households, mainly in highly urbanized areas – decide to live without their own car. This is due to the rising prices of vehicles, as well as the increasing offer of public transport. What’s more, also the non-stop developing applications, in which it is possible to rent various means of transport for a short period of time / for a small number of kilometers, causes that mainly younger people do not see the sense in necessarily owning some goods. They prefer to have them at their disposal when needed – for less money. 


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