importance of software in real estate

What is the importance of software in real estate?

Real estate management is an area where you can definitely benefit from software support. Growing one’s own business is one of the most important motivations for people who seek software support in managing their properties. This approach definitely reduces costs, supports the image of the business, and can also encourage new customers to use the services. In this blog post, we point out the reasons why software in the real estate industry is so important. 


Whether you own multiple properties and rent them out or actively market them, or simply maintain and manage apartments among rental users, you probably know how challenging it is. Keeping paper records and the lack of automation in this industry often leads to situations where we spend a lot of time on things that software can do for us just as well. In 2021, according to Grand View Research, software implementation services in the real estate industry were worth a total of $9.73 billion. By 2028, a very conservative estimate suggests that revenue from these services will already be $18.66 billion. It is also one of the fastest-growing sectors: according to the researchers, it is experiencing a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. These are incredible numbers, which indicate the high prospectiveness of this type of services, as well as the great interest of companies in IT services in the real estate industry. 

When it comes to the real estate and software industry, there is a lot of focus on service automation in a broad sense. Instead of manually entering many documents in CRM systems – tailored software can do the work of several people flawlessly and, importantly, even instantly. Instead of waiting several days for an invoice from a company that deals with real estate, you can receive it automatically, thanks to specially designed automations. It’s worth noting that when designing any solution for the real estate industry, it’s important to listen to your client. At Concise Software, we have clearly defined processes that allow us to reach out to all our customers’ needs. At the solution design stage, we ask a lot of questions and also conduct workshops with our client to get the most out of the relationship. We leave nothing to chance and clearly point out the elements that need to be specified in the solution. At every step we emphasize how many advantages the software can have in case of real estate market – and what benefits can arise from the implementation of a given functionality. Our client is thus perfectly prepared for the advantages that can bring new value to his business. We look not only from the point of view of business – because we are business too. We try to look at the software also from the point of view of a consumer, an ordinary employee who will operate a given solution. This gives us a wide perspective on software development. 

Property management software – what can you gain thanks to it? 

In the context of property management software, or if you prefer – real estate CRM software, it is possible to gain many benefits which ultimately translate into results of the business in which the software is implemented. Among the significant advantages of using the benefits of IT industry and its solutions are: the ability to more easily scale your business, implement innovative solutions, solve problems with intelligent automation, increase customer satisfaction, the ability to enter new markets, gain new customers (also with a different buyer profile), and ultimately – increase profits by reducing business costs. All of these advantages of introducing software into the real es