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React.js for web development

Why use React.js for Web Development?

Are you looking to build a web application quickly and efficiently? Hiring React.js developers may be the key to success. In this article, we’ll take a look at why it is worth investing in experienced React.js developers and how they can

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react.js development for marketers

Why should marketers care about React.js development?

Hiring React.js developers is becoming increasingly important for marketers as the demand for web and mobile applications rises among businesses. With its powerful library of components and modern coding standards, React.js is quickly being adopted as the go-to development solution

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React Hooks - revolutionary changes in React | Concise Software

React Hooks – revolutionary changes in React

In February 2019, a new version of the React library was released. It was signed with the number 16.8.0. Solutions introduced with it revolutionized the whole library. So let`s take a closer look at the new features called React Hooks. As a developer who had the chance to become familiar with the older React libraries I would like to discuss not only the advantages, but also some drawbacks of the new solutions.