Copyright storing service

The challenge

Digital content lacks metadata information such as authorship, ownership, history and often the date of creation. The issue here relates to the proper and verifiable attribution of ownership, licensing and creation. Furthermore, metadata can be altered or removed after it has been finalized by the author, transferred to the cloud, resized or optimized for network performance.

Copyright's storing service at glance

This inherent lack of verifiable information breeds uncertainty, especially when applied to complex chains of licensing, syndication and ownership. For example, a digital publisher licensing a pre-published article does not have the ability to be certain of whether the document in its current form is authentic and owned and able to be licensed. Currently, there is an immediate opportunity for an open protocol to establish the rightful ownership of creative assets, but this protocol must allow for inherently complex and adaptable ownership models.


  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Smart Contracts
  • Web3
  • Single Page Application
  • MetaMask
  • ReactJS
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS

The results

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