Software development outsourcing - is it worth it

Software development outsourcing – is it worth it?

Is software development outsourcing something to look out for? Definitely yes – the software development market has changed over the years and offers many flexible forms of cooperation with companies such as software houses. Experienced and qualified employees are a great value in cooperation with such places – here is what you should know about it! 


Outsourcing software development is something to consider when you urgently need to create a specific product without engaging your own resources, or when you lack the experience and knowledge to do so. Software houses nowadays are companies that often also deal with marketing, conduct workshop sessions with clients and advise on business issues. All this is done in order for the client to achieve the desired success on the market – and for his/her service or product to develop. Software houses also care about this very much – the success of a particular solution is also a success for the software house: something to boast about. Hence, we are dealing with companies which, apart from creating software, combine many areas to make the client as happy as possible with the cooperation. 

Now that all major industries have started to implement digitization, there has been an unprecedented demand for software development. But with that comes the question of how to do it well and gain a competitive advantage. Since not all industries are well-funded to have their own software development team, many small businesses and established organizations are opting to outsource software development services. Moreover, even for those that can, creating and maintaining an in-house team is a task in itself.

Software development outsourcing in data

According to Statista’s survey on the most outsourced IT functions, software development is the most commonly outsourced IT function. About 64% of respondents have outsourced application development services. Looking at such strong statistics, the demand for outsourcing software development services is expected to grow as more companies prefer digitization and look for ways to optimize their business processes.

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But before you decide to outsource software development, you need to have a complete understanding of it and the benefits it can offer to your business. Simply put, software development outsourcing refers to delegating your software development processes to a third-party service provider who is qualified and skilled to do the job for you. To get effective results, it is important to analyze your business functions and choose the best business processes to outsource. In addition, delegating allows you to perform tasks related to your core competencies efficiently. It will also help companies to keep their strategies and progress on track.

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