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4 benefits of Internet of Things for healthcare

Connected healthcare is becoming a reality. Hospitals are using Internet of Things solutions to capture and analyse data, make smarter decisions and finally – save lives and money. But there are not the only ways how the medicine can take advantage of using the Internet of Things for healthcare.

Connected health – the Internet of Things meets medicine

Connected health is a socio-technical model for healthcare management and delivery by using technology to provide healthcare services remotely. Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self-manage their care.

It uses technology – often leveraging readily available consumer technologies – to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Connected health encompasses programs in telehealth, remote care (such as home care) and disease and lifestyle management, often leverages existing technologies such as connected devices using existing cellular networks and is associated with efforts to improve chronic care.

Just imagine how many objects, devices and… people (yes, people also!) the healthcare environment include. Just by using the Internet of Things for healthcare to connect medical equipment, hospitals can greatly reduce the chances of critical machinery breaking down when it’s needed most.

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