Red Bull Mobile Collect

The challenge

Red Bull MOBILE Collect was our first totally high-energy project. We focused on  the creation of systems implemented in two applications: on iOS and Android.

The applications helped people collect ‘energy’, which they could trade for prizes such as gadgets, free event tickets or bonuses for Red Bull MOBILE.

The energy was collected in a number of ways: by entering codes from cans of Red Bull, using a phone with Red Bull MOBILE, attending Red Bull events, being active on social networks, or by inviting friends to join the programme.

Our aim was to create applications which behaved in the same way, no matter what device they were on. We were responsible for project analysis and implementing a graphics project in a working application using advanced and extensible programming constructions. We also performed first customer, functional and UI tests.

Red Bull Mobile at a glance

The Red Bull Media House GmbH is a full subsidiary of the Red Bull Group, producing and distributing content for print, television, computers, and smartphones.

The results






Android, iOS

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