Delivery Hero

The challenge

Hungryhouse, owned by Delivery Hero, is synonymous for tasty and reliable online takeaway and food delivery services. Their platform, which allows you to order great meals in minutes, has gathered more than 10, 000 restaurants and 550, 000 honest customer reviews.

Hungryhouse has partnered with some of the finest takeaway restaurants across Britain, allowing you to instantly access a wide range of takeaway restaurants in your local area from your phone! Concise Software was responsible for developing the iOS and Android app for the UK market.

Delivery Hero at a glance

Delivery Hero started as an incredibly dynamic business in the European food delivery market. Nowadays, Delivery Hero has expanded their services to Asia, South America and Australia.

Whether Bangladeshi or Vietnamese, Hungryhouse in the UK is putting local takeaway food menus at your fingertips thanks to the Android and iOS applications that Concise helped to develop.

The results

Concise started working with Delivery Hero from one of the first versions of the app, and so we have helped them to grow and refine it, and gain more and more traction with their mobile products. We offer technical project analysis, development, professional tests and advice on features that might be important from a user perspective.

Hungry customers can order and pay for a takeaway food delivery in seconds, or choose a delivery time that suits them. We created mechanisms for searching by postcode or using the “Nearby” function to discover a new local favorite in the neighborhood.

Customers can also intuitively flick through each menu, which can be used in four directions. This, and many more features such as several filters or no sign-in required until checkout, makes Hungryhouse the most popular food delivery application in the UK.

The application user base continues to expand and we’re concentrating on a faster app and more user-friendly check outs.





Android, iOS

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