Why is MATOMO irreplaceable in every Software House?

Software House is a type of software development company. The implemented projects from various industries are characterised by a variety of applied solutions and a wide range of customer requirements.

Various projects are implemented in the IT world: from web development services, through mobile app development and product design, to team extension and IOT solutions.

Tracking users’ activity as a measure of good software

The measure of the success of any project is the number of users using it. While in online stores we can estimate the number of users based on the number of orders placed, we are not able to estimate the number of people visiting our blog or internet application in a similar way. Online tools for tracking user activity come with help.

Google Analytics – the most popular user activity tracking tool

Who hasn’t heard of Google Analytics? The purpose of the analytical tool from the giant from Mountain View is to track the activity of users visiting our store, website or web application. This tool collects a lot of interesting and accurate information useful in the process of subsequent user behavior analysis. As a result of such analyzes, decisions can be made regarding website optimization, removing unused functionalities or focusing on what users use most often. But is the way Google Analytics works really safe?

Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as the GDPR, came into force in the European Union. One of the paragraphs of this regulation states that personal data may not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Community. Google servers to which cookies generated by Google Analytics are sent are located in the USA, so outside the EU and EEC – hence the illegal use of GA in the EU.

What is the GDPR-compliant alternative to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is not the only analytical tool on the market. There are many alternatives available for monitoring user behavior on websites. But which ones are GDPR compliant? Are website administrators doomed to not follow the actions of Internet users in order to comply with the GDPR? Is there any good and effective alternative to Google Analytics at all?

MATOMO – an interesting alternative to Google Analytics

Among the many analytical tools that are an alternative to Google Analytics, the MATOMO tool (known as PIWIK until January 2018) attracts attention. MATOMO is a free tool for monitoring and analyzing user activity on websites.

For whom is the MATOMO tool?

The MATOMO tool can be successfully used by both private individuals and companies. It does not matter if you run a hobby blog or if you are the owner of a well-known internet application generating millions of unique views per month. MATOMO will certainly provide all interested parties with the necessary analytical data.

MATOMO at Concise Software company

Concise Software analyzes the traffic on its corporate website using the MATOMO tool. The tool provides a lot of analytical data that allows us to learn about the behavior of users on the website while complying with all the rules prevailing in the European Union countries.

MATOMO comparison with Google Analytics

What’s the difference between MATOMO and Google Analytics? What’s the difference between European and overseas user tracking tools?
matomo vs google analytics comparisonSource: https://matomo.org/matomo-vs-google-analytics-comparison/

The possibility of using MATOMO

There are 2 ways to use MATOMO: on your own server and on MATOMO servers. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. The most important differences are outlined below:
matomo prices

Source: https://matomo.org/pricing/ 

The first method is to install MATOMO on your own server (ON-PREMISE). Such a solution means the possibility of installing MATOMO at the address chosen by the user (e.g. https://analytics.myawesome.app) and storing the collected data on your own server, under the domain indicated by you. However, you should remember to update the application regularly.

The other way is to use the CLOUD version. This means that the user uses the MATOMO application installed, and thus located entirely on MATOMO servers. The application is updated automatically.

Conclusions: Use MATOMO!

Compliance with GDPR, the ability to disable tracking, storing application files and user data on your own server make MATOMO a very good alternative to Google Analytics. Are you using MATOMO? How’s your impressions?

Why is MATOMO irreplaceable in every Software House?
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Why is MATOMO irreplaceable in every Software House?
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