Concise Software at Slush 2019 Helsinki

Concise Software @ Slush 2019 Helsinki. It was a great trip!

As it usually happens at this time of year, Helsinki hosting Slush Conference welcomed us with much worse weather than the one that currently prevailed in Poland. But that didn’t discourage us – the slightly cooler air didn’t prevent us from achieving all of our goals.

It is worth noting the excellent organization of Slush 2019 in Helsinki. Already at the airport, we could collect our badges and tickets for public transport. What’s more, we took the comfortable train that transported us from the airport to the hotel and then to the venue. This is of great value to people who come from abroad – simplifying the transport between important points saves a lot of time, which is very limited at events like this.

We are still impressed by the rich lighting luminaire, a real showpiece of Slush Conference.

Plenty of opportunities for inspiring meetings at Slush. Concise Software willingly takes advantage of all of them

We had the opportunity to participate in many thematic “side events”. Some of them concerned e.g. German startups (very interesting part!). Others concerned networking in its broadest sense: a trip on a ship with investors, morning swimming in low temperatures, saunas and breakfasts are very attractive places to make new contacts. Great fun combined with many inspiring personalities is a value that is hard to find at some larger conferences.

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Slush 2019 Helsinki is one of many mid-sized conferences in the industry. According to the organizer himself, this year 25,000 people came to the capital of Finland: 3 500 startups and 2 000 investors. The organizers did a great job and created a great place to make new contacts. To this day, we are still impressed by the rich lighting luminaire, which is definitely the showpiece of Slush 2019.

We really liked the dedicated Slush 2019 application with matchmaking, and also with brands that actively look for new ideas and want to enter the process of digital transformation.

Slush 2019 in the capital of Finland was a very fruitful event and we are glad that we’ve taken part in it. We are already waiting for next year and the next Slush Conference. I was really impressed by the conference: Congratulations to the organizers on a really well-organized event!

Jakub Putyło

Business Development Manager at Concise Software
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