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6 Popular Types of Project Management Methodologies

Project management is not an easy process, but the availability of different methodologies makes it more transparent and efficient in the context of the project being developed. It is worth looking at the most popular types of project management.

Project management is a set of processes that require flexibility and a willingness to learn from all participants in the work. What’s more, every company should consider which methodology suits it best. Consideration should also be given to whether a particular method is appropriate to the nature of the task. That is why it is so important to know at least a few types of project management in order to be able to match the best one.

Types of project management – here are the most popular ones

Many companies still rely on “traditional” project management. This is a subject of discussion, also in the IT environment – some experts believe that using this methodology in times when we have perfectly developed other techniques is ineffective and even “lethal” for p