Node Package Manager - Curse or blessing

NPM – Curse or Blessing?


Internal meetup within an organization can be an excellent way to share knowledge and expertise among team members. In this particular case, we engaged in a discussion focused on the advantages and risks associated with using certain tools or technologies, specifically related to web development.

The purpose of this exercise was twofold. First, it allowed team members to share their experiences and insights on the topic, and to learn from one another. This is an important aspect of any team-based project, as it promotes collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning.

Second, this exercise helped to build awareness of the benefits and risks associated with the tools and technologies used in web development. By identifying and discussing the advantages and risks, we can make more informed decisions about which tools and technologies to use in our projects, ultimately improving the quality and reliability of our work.

In the context of this particular discussion, the focus was on NPM (Node Package Manager), a popular tool used in JavaScript development.

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The benefits of using Node Package Manager are quite obvious, and almost instantly we were able to compile a comprehensive list of its advantages.


  • Faster development: NPM provides access to a huge range of ready to use packages and modules, which can save developers a lot of time and effort. This way we can focus on writing application\business logic, rather than reinventing the wheel.


  • Easy package management: You can quickly search for and install packages from a vast library of open-source packages. The process of installing, managing and updating packages and dependencies is very straightforward and seamless. 


  • Code sharing: It opens up new avenues for collaboration by providing a platform for easy sharing and distribution of code, thereby promoting efficient collaboration on projects. We can reuse code from other projects, which can speed up development and reduce errors.


  • Version control: Node Package Manager allows developers to easily manage different versions of packages and dependencies, which is essential for maintaining compatibility between different parts of an application.


  • Community support: NPM has a large and active community of developers who contribute to the library of packages and provide support for others. This community helps to ensure the quality and reliability of the packages.

In a nutshell, NPM is a powerful tool that makes it easier for us as developers to manage packages and dependencies in JavaScript, which can help to speed up development and improve the overall quality of code. 



Certainly, the previous section outlined the bright side of NPM, but what about its downside? What are the potential consequences of over-reliance on this tool? This brings us to the second part of the discussion, and as most of us already know, there are two sides to every story.


  • Security risks: Installing unverified or untrusted packages from NPM can expose your system to security risks. Hackers can easily sneak malicious code into a package and then distribute it through NPM, potentially compromising your entire system.


  • Dependency issues: Installing too many dependencies or packages can cause dependency conflicts and versioning issues, which can make your code difficult to maintain and update. It can also lead to bloated code, slowing down the performance of your application.


  • Lack of control: When you install packages from NPM, you’re relying on third-party code that you have little control over. This can make it challenging to fix bugs or issues in the code if the package maintainers are unresponsive or if the package is no longer maintained.


  • Licensing issues: NPM packages can have different licensing terms, which can cause licensing issues if you’re not careful. Installing packages with restrictive licenses can limit the way you use your code, and may even result in legal issues if you violate the license terms.


Node Package Manager curse or blessing? Conclusion

Node Package Manager is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of code development by managing packages and dependencies in JavaScript. It streamlines the process of finding and integrating open-source packages into projects, which can save us a lot of time and effort. It also facilitates code sharing and collaboration, which can lead to more innovative and robust applications.

However, like any tool, overusing NPM can have its downsides. It’s crucial to use NPM responsibly, or it can easily turn into a double-edged sword. Over-dependency on NPM can lead to bloated code, compatibility issues, and security vulnerabilities. It can also lead to significant dependency conflicts and versioning issues, making the codebase difficult to maintain and update. Additionally, relying too heavily on NPM can lead to a lack of understanding of how code works, which can limit a developer’s ability to debug or fix problems.

In summary, while NPM provides numerous benefits for developers, it’s essential to use it judiciously and responsibly to avoid the negative consequences of overuse. Being mindful of potential risks and threats associated with using NPM can help developers make informed decisions about how to use the tool effectively to achieve their development goals.

While the following considerations focus on the use of NPM, they are also applicable to other solutions or technologies that employ similar concepts.
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Node Package Manager - Curse or Blessing?
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Node Package Manager - Curse or Blessing?
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