Major medtech trends to follow in 2022

Major medtech trends to follow in 2022 and beyond!

Medtech is one of the fastest growing technology industries. Human health is a huge value, which is why so many sick people are looking for methods to make them more comfortable or focus on prevention. Check out what medtech technologies are among the most interesting or important at the moment. Thanks to them, the comfort of life for all of us will stand at a very high level. This is definitely something that is changing the world. 

Over the past few years, medical technologies (or simply medtech) have become increasingly sophisticated, refined and innovative. Many companies have decided to try their hand at this business and have begun to look for new methods of improving human health. At present, the most important medtech development directions are being produced in the market, which allow many people to benefit from modern medical services. Moreover, the direction of medtech development is dictated by the desire to support people who, for many reasons, cannot afford good medical care. Automation, AI support and simplicity mean that healthcare costs can become lower – just thanks to medtech! 

Artificial intelligence in medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been capturing the imagination of scientists, artists and mere mortals for years. While researchers outdo each other in working on systems that would resemble the human brain as closely as possible, enthusiasts dwell on their potential applications and skeptics dwell on their unpredictable consequences. And what attitude to artificial intelligence do representatives of the medical world have? Could special computers make doctors’ work easier? Recent studies indicate that yes.

Orthopedists at Danderyds Hospital in Sweden decided to test whether computers equipped with artificial intelligence would work well for radiologists. To do so, they extracted 256,000 X-ray examinations taken for fractures of the hand, wrist or ankle bones from the archives. Two-thirds of these were analyzed by the system